Mr Brown goes to the palace

As we were coming to the end of today’s LBC programme, I watched the television screen in front of my nose, and there they were – Mr and Mrs Brown holding hands and being cheered on from people standing on glass balconies. The B’s looked like royalty in creased suits.
As I write, I’m chomping on the most amazing chestnut bread that Paul Hollywood brought into the studio. He gifted me that and a lovely ciabatta loaf, fresh from his own baking ovens in Kent.
The radio show goes so swiftly. I know what I’m doing when I’m talking to people but my timing is as bad as a pregnant woman trying to calculate the date of delivery of her first born baby after a night out on ouzo with a group of drunken midwives – hic!
There was so much I wanted to talk to Paul and Ian Marber about but I had to keep remembering when to go to ads, news and weather. You would think after 498 years in the industry, I would know a second from a minute but I’m all over the place. It’s doing me brain in.

I kept saying ‘good morning’ when it was well into the afternoon and glancing around at all me bits of paper like a meerkat on coke – that’s the fizzy brown stuff.
It was a funny old one today. I completely naffed up the first few seconds. My producer, dear old Steve, had to cut me off mid flow. He patiently told me not to beat myself up, which I did, but I picked myself up and off we went again.
I shall really miss it next week. I said to Steve and Chris, the Manager, that if they ask me back, will I be up to speed? They said it’s like riding a bicycle. I don’t like telling them that I’m crap on two wheels, but they’ll know that when they read this.
Having Paul Hollywood in the studio was so lovely. GFL made such firm friendships. Mitch Tonks is coming onto the show and he is one of the dearest men. From the first day he came into GFL, he revealed his passion for the sea. He has moved himself, his adorable wife Penny, plus all six children down to Brixham. Apart from creating the marvellous ‘Fishworks’ – fab fish-only restaurants. He’s also written three must-have cookbooks. With friends like him and Paul who needs away days.
The boys at LBC are doing everything to ease me in gently. They keep asking me whether I am enjoying it. What can I say? It’s quite the most perfect antidote to losing my baby.
Steve keeps telling me that I have to move on, but I genuinely don’t feel mad or resentful or angry at the Young Pretenders. I am adjusting very nicely now, thank you.
Agent Rob is working like a demon and planting lots of little seedlings that will undoubtedly grow into huge healthy shrubs before the weeds have had time to settle.
It’s 16.08 and I’m off to visit dear Betty Palco, an Irish clairvoyant who gives me lots of herb tea and TLC in equal quantities. If she taps into anything interesting, I’ll tell you later. But right now I’ve got to get dressed (you know I always take me clobber off when I get home and don me jama) and brave the A3.
So TTFN and speak later.

7 thoughts on “Mr Brown goes to the palace”

  1. Hope all goes well for you with the herbal tea and sympathy. I’m out for a curry, a gossip, a bottle or two of wine and a bit of a laugh with the girls. We three have been pals for years and rarely get the chance for a good old natter.
    Funny how eating together forges good friendships, isn’t it?

  2. Jen
    Don’t worry, the thing about radio is it’s much funnier if you mess about and make mistakes, it’s why Terry Wogan has so many listeners it’s funny and we could all do with a laugh eh? OOo I went into the American Girl shop when I was in New York, and on one hand Jim is right it is a licence to print money but when you see the faces of the little girls in there clutching “Nikki” or “Molly” it’s just priceless!
    Lots of love Marmite Girl xx

  3. Hi Jeni
    Oh it was so wonderful to hear you and Paul Hollywood today, the hour definitely went by too quickly AND I managed to get some work done too – best check it before it goes out, I’ve probably slipped a bbq or two in there!
    So good to have you back Jen.
    J -x-

  4. You know, today was the first I managed to listen to your show from before beginning to end and couldn’t tell any fluffs. In fact, I thought the show far too short and the ads too long. And there I am giving you a radio plug on my blog and I couldn’t believe when you said you were sitting in for someone. Not enough of you is what I say!
    I’ll admit as well as having LBC on the earphones (as I work on my PC at home) we also had the TV on and could see the whole change of MP thing. I think your comment about the creased suits was quite funny.
    I hope your appointment with Betty wasn’t cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances! Groan 😉

  5. Hi Jen
    I listened to the show (last night for me) and thoroughly enjoyed it…dont worry too much about missing little things like the traffic or news (grin) you were great and I enjoyed Paul and Ian as guests. Yes men with bbq’s are a funny thing, they really do over cook and over estimate the amount of food they are cooking, maybe if they didnt do it with a beer or 6 in hand. I was also watching the new PM and his missus and wondered if Lizzy might put on a bbq to celebrate his new job….I also enjoyed the listeners calling in, especially the chicken and caravan story, I just about fell off my chair, poor buggars!
    I’m off away this weekend with 8 other like minded women, who enjoy food and a drink. We decided to do a Yulefest and I am doing a roast beef and yorkshire pudding, as seen on GFL!
    luv ya

  6. Hi jeni,
    I can’t beleive it, I missed your show with Paul Hollywood, he’s so sexy, bet he sounded great on the radio! Loved the way he used to tease you on GFL. Was so surprised that he wasnt on the last GFL show. Will definately be tuning in today. Hows the diet/lifestyle change going? I am still a Papple (a pear and apple shape), but its going slowly. As you know Jeni when youre a bit on the short side 5’2″(on a tall day) every extra pound shows. Off to have a red salad, am having different colours as you suggested, with lots of CRUNCH! Take Care Kerri xxx

  7. Hi Jeni,
    Hope the TLC etc has worked. I am a spiritualist and feel sure that a little chat with the right people with some insight can work wonders.
    Its hot and dry here in Carcassonne but thats fine with me after watching the news about floods in the UK. We are just lucky to live in a nice dry house.
    Keep warm!
    Chrissie x

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