Box, set and match

Richard Phillips cooked English lamb and liver, Nick Watts made sashimi with red mullet and daikon, Charles Metcalf brought in the booze, Paul Young provided the easter eggs and my body has gone into revolt. Just how many bloomin’ bits of chocolate can you eat? I have a cake waiting for me, made by Eric Lanlard that is so big I can’t fit it into me fridge.

As we near the end of the run, I am all of a dither.

It took three young folk to bring my boxes into the flat. Five and a half years of shoes, tops and assorted trouser wear. If I put it all on ebay, I should make a fortune. If I give it to charity, they will make a fortune. If I give it to my next door neighbour for him to boot-fair, he will make a fortune. What a conundrum. Boxes, boxes everywhere and ne’re a spot to think.

I have come to the end of jobs before but this one does feel different.

I came into it with with very little knowledge of gourmanderie. I leave all this time later with more than enough cookery books, cookery terms and cook’s telephone numbers that I never need to worry about eating out again.

Inevitably, I have just eaten bacon, eggs, tomatoes and fried onion for supper. I really know how to give a girl a good time.

I am very tired so that is all you are going to get this evening unless I think of something scintillating.

I have to go to bed now with two hairy bikers who are on tomorrow’s show. So wish me luck as I wave you goodbye. Cu2morrer.

12 thoughts on “Box, set and match”

  1. I think that you should pile all the stuff into the boot and tour the villages flogging off the stuff.
    Then you can come visit me with the proceeds.
    C xx

  2. oh if only the NHS could bottle you and prescribe spoonfuls for all those who will miss their daily dose of jeni and the happiness and thus, good health, that you so warmly provide!!

  3. Thank you Jeni for the inspiration, the enthusiasm and most of all for all the fun. It’s meant so much to me over the years, and I’ve learnt so much from you. Along with many others, I’m devastated that the programme is ending. But anger has given way to sadness. It must be such a hard time for you: my thoughts are with you and everyone else on the programme. Thanks again.
    David x

  4. Message from Australia – how sorry I am to hear that the show is ending – I watch it everynight – it’s on at 6pm here so I pour a wine and relax for 45 mins. Great!!! Jeni thanks for making another “big” girl (albeit 55)feel very comfortable in her skin. Love to everyone on the show – Denise

  5. Thanks Jeni for giving us the best program on TV. To say you will be missed is an understatement of a life time. When I sit down on Friday, my last meal whilst watching GFL will be beans on toast, in your honour. Good luck to you and your girls and boys. Hope to see you back on my box very soon. Take care x

  6. Dear jeni,
    For years i have admired your clothes, being five foot one and a half (on a good day) and size 16/18 (also on a good day!)i have thought how stylish you look. Any clothes you decide to sell or give away, please think of me! Good luck for the future, lunchtimes will never be the same xxx

  7. What a girl! You are a “National Treature” and PLEASE keep this site going or we will all spend our lives feeling like we are missing a big chunk of something special!

  8. Dear Jeni- you and the team on GFL have been a cornerstone of my life for these past five years.
    I really cannot imagine a time without it.
    The format is as fresh as the day you guys first started broadcasting- UKTV have got to be completely crazy.
    Keep the faith and try and hold it together for the last one.
    All your friends will be watching and raising a glass to the show.
    Take care.

  9. Hi Jeni, just another message to wish you well, and thank you for introducing me to the delights of Silvena Rowe and Kylie Kwon! Love GFL, it’s much more entertaining than the news, especially after a hard day at work, and I will be hard pressed to find anything to replace it in the 6 o’clock spot! (It won’t be Mrs Ramsey, ‘cos she’s not my type!) So all the best, and hopefully you will magically reappear on another channel soon! xx

  10. Hi Jeni
    Just catching up with you today on GFL Hairy Bikers and you are cackling as usual and having a go at those hairy pair. I think it is a great idea the suggestions above have said you should flog off your gear around the country -bloody hell you would make a mint! I for one would seek you out and buy up all of your lovely stuff. Take care and have a fantastic last few days we are with you all the way!
    Kathy x

  11. Hi
    Just wanted to say thank you, both for the inspiration to eat something better from GFL & for the strength I have got from this over the last couple of weeks. The job that had taken over most of my life for the last 3 years came to a end today & reading/giggling at your comments has kept me going. UKTVfood won’t be the same without you, you are the best

  12. Hi Jeni,
    I actually got a chance to stay up and watch today’s GFL at 10.00 (I normally go to bed at that time!) what a hoot! have taped the rest of this week’s episodes because I can’t believe they are disappearing!!
    Since I moved house just over a year ago and changed jobs, my days are all over the place and I don’t get to watch as often as I used to, but at least I knew that you and your little band of fabulous chefs and guests would always be there when I did actually get an hour to myself to sit and chill with GFL.
    So you can imagine how horrified I was to learn that they are ending the show!!
    I was one of your ‘groupies’ that came to several of the Friday shows with audiences and have to say, that you really helped me get through a traumatic time. I was on garden leave before being made redundant and needed something to look forward to and get out of bed for and GFL was just the thing. So thank you for those wonderful times when you made every member of those audiences feel so welcome.
    I will miss your wit and charm…and the great outfits…where do you get them all??
    I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do in the future, and as I have been telling my hubby for years now…”when I grow up, I want to be just like Jeni”.
    Take care
    Mandy xx

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