The oosbind found out today that he is going to be acting at The Globe from the Bard’s birthday until October so, thank the Lord, we can eat from now until Halloween.

Anybody that wants to see Jim will have to book tickets now, or transmute into an American tourist as they snap up the lions share of the tickets.

Poor old Jackson will have to put up with me throwing the sticks, and what with me tennis elbow and housemaid’s knee, he’ll get about as much action as Margaret Beckett on a Wednesday night in Isleworth.

Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “Oosbind”

  1. What is the World coming to……………..the old man is going to the Globe about time too……….
    what next……..THE UNIVERSE…
    well done Jim…….
    maybe know the old tart will do the cooking ha ha xxxxxxx

  2. To Jeni Barnett
    Thank you for so many wonderful hours of food knowledge and entertainment. I know you will be back with us soon. Until then have a good break and thank you for making us all have so many good laughs in the kitchen

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