Friday morning

The alarm goes off at 7.00. I either meditate for 20 minutes or sleep for 45 or jump out of bed and ablute.

This morning I slept. I am knackered from taking out my daughter, nephew and great nephew for supper. I did the minimal washing. You know, all the important bits. Then I walked out of the flat at 7.45 and bugger me, if the car didn’t start. My head is so fatuszed that last night I didn’t close the door on the car properly so the battery is as flat as one of Martin Blunos’s very delicate blinis.

I went upstairs to the flat and woke up my very fast asleep house guest. He didn’t have a battery charger so I called the AA. We agreed that they should come between 1-2 and all would be well. Calling the GFL studio for a taxi, I then realised that 2.00 wouldn’t be any good since I have a voice over to do in Soho. So, I called the studio to cancel the taxi, recalled the AA, washed my hair, argued with the taxi driver who wouldn’t hang up when I said shampoo was dripping all over my handset, called the producer, called the editor, toweled my hair, shouted at the taxi firm again, and read yet more of your wonderful comments.

I took a remedy to calm me down, apologised to my lovely sleepy house guest, got on my knees to pray that the AA would be here when they said they would, and have decided to write to you to while away what precious minutes I have left. IT IS NOT FUNNY.

8 thoughts on “Friday morning”

  1. Jeni you are wonderful, Iwanted to send you a personal messge and sent it to someone in Bermondsey,(on your website) I don’t know if you will receive it.
    I don’t know what life will be like without the show and without you…

  2. Not funny? You’ve made my day!I’m in the middle of a meltdown that would make sellafield look like a damp sparkler! I stupidly offered to do an Italian night for my chapel. So far I’ve made lasagne for 45, 180 meatballs, pork cacciatore, (I know, not traditionally Italian, that, but tough!)chicken in lemon and butter for 45, a tiramisu, a nemesis, and a lemon tart. Roast potatoes with rosemary and braised peppers in balsamic vinegar on the go as we speak. And I have one small oven and a hotplate to keep it all hot before serving it up tonight. Wish me well!

  3. Despite my rantings to all and sundry it appears that the end is nigh. I still cannot quite believe that the men in suits have been so short sighted to think that the poncy up its own a**e programme they have planned will even come close to what you and GFL have created! I cannot imagine how you continue to present each day without loosing it and I watch with great sadness as each day goes by and I know its all going to end. All power to you “MooseWoman” and your great team. I and so many others will be with you till the end and beyond!

  4. Five shows left now, will be sooooo sorry to see you go. My missus is distruaght and her impression of Moosewoman just isnt the same. Will miss you Jen, keep up the spirit till the end and dont let the idiots who have made this major cock up grind you down. Go girl….Moosewoman!

  5. Hi Jeni! Just wanted you to know, that because of you and the team on GFL, I have learnt so much about food and wine! My husband has put on two stones in weight (I am not far behind)
    I know that lunchtimes will never be the same without you. Please please, let us all know where we can find you soon. If BBC or ITV have any brains, we will see you captivate an even bigger audience than you do now!!!!
    Thank you so much for the laughs and the faces you pull when you don’t like what you’ve tasted (they are priceless!!!) Good luck for the future and make sure you show the clip of you with Olly Smith (when he is demonstrating picnic bags and wine holders) on your last show!!!!! xxxxx

  6. Jeni Jeni,
    How much did I laugh watching you in your football socks the other day…or was I dreaming that…? Please keep your blog up to date! PS – do you know if all the GFL recipes will still be on the website when the show finishes? I can say that all the recipes I have tried over the past 5.5 years have all been a success which is testament to your chefs and the wonderful way in which you brought them and their dishes to our tellybox.
    Dave x

  7. Hi Jeni
    Just wanted to say that I’ve watched the programme since the start, everyday – including repeats.
    The show has certainly introduced cooks and chefs that otherwise would not have been recognised. My children are older now at Uni etc, and have definately benefitted from the entertaining way that food and recipes are delivered. My son has special needs and he loves the show too.My partner is also addicted now and has discovered cooking. We reckon we could enter Mastermind on GFL, and do even better than the hilarious Andi Peters.
    By the way – who was the chef that noone likes, and yes my daughter and I guessed your faves too!
    I was away for most of this week because of work but I even bought a DVD recorder so not to miss your last week.
    Thankfully arrived home in time to watch the last show live – and I cried with you at the end and even cried again at the repeat. Best wishes and well done!

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