Needles in nightingale

I’ve had needles in my knees, to stop me feeling jealous and envious. Afraid that I’ll never work again, I’ve had needles bunged in my head to stop me being so negative.

I’ve had needles in my brows to open my eyes to stop me looking Neanderthal and a needle under my right breast for my pancreas. I had to have a blood test for my glucose levels and triglyceride, etc., etc. And because of the needles and the green drink I drink, not to mention my running and two large omega three fish oil capsules everyday, I’m out of danger.

It’s all about changing habits. Acupuncture can certainly help do that. After the physical then the mental, not to mention the spiritual, it’s all encompassing. I’m living proof it works. I’ve been having needles jammed into me for twenty odd years and I haven’t got a puncture hole in sight.

I drink a litre of Innerlight Supergreens – 59 different grasses – every day. Tastes truly awful but does the job.

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  1. Jeni
    Do you realise that the last two postings have been about pricks & dick?
    Ha HA
    I wonder if Kevin Bacon is a Jewish veggie???

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