Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is my third attempt at writing this bloomin’ post. I have pressed the wrong key three times and deleted everything. You had better read it and make it worth my while!

Today on Great Food Live we made breakfast.

Lots of breakfasts …for Cancer Research UK.

They want to turn March into breakfast and brunch month and raise money. At £1 a plate. Come on – Do it! Go to their website and get a pack.

We made four breakfasts to be precise – two by Ed baines and two by Anjum Anand. Ed made Risotto with little baby quails eggs, and prawn salad with pomegranate seeds and mango. Anjum made semolina cooked with chilli, garlic, lentils, onions (which even little babies feed on) and eggy bread par excellence. Then she made eggy bread dipped in coconut, served with walnuts cooked in jaggery, which is pure sugar bought from Asian food stores. It was so delicious I nearly slipped into my baby dolls.

By the time Valentina Harris came on with her Italian bread, I had given myself voluntary indigestion from eating too much brunch. Blame the Baines.

I don’t know why I found it funny, but today we announced that the actor Kevin Bacon is a vegetarian AND that naturists must dress for breakfast. Which side is their decision.

Richard Phillips is on tomorrow talking marathons. When I first met him I wanted to call him Dick, but he wouldn’t let me. Now he’s been coming on the show for five years, he says I can call him whatever I like. But he’s a Michelin starred chef so I think I need to give him respect – so there will be no Dick tomorrow.

One more down and 22 to go. I’m shipping in the tissues.