London Tahn….

Even at my age I’m still hustling. I have the safety blanket of wonderful agents who stand between me and the vicious world of advertising. Somebody writes the adverts, produces them, directs them and the ‘talent’, as we’re known, deliver them onto your telly screens. Whether it’s fairy liquid, motor insurance or toothpaste, some poor … Read more

Sunaks’ Slump

We’re in recession. So what’s new? We have a housing crisis. So what’s new? Schools crumbling. So what’s new? Hospitals on their last legs. So what’s new. I’m reeling from the incompetence of our government of twats. So what’s new.. And now the Labour Party are fighting anti-Semitism claims. What a fabulous distraction as we … Read more

Where were you in 1984

I was born in Mile End hospital, in the East End of London. My brother, mother and father and me lived in one room. It was a slum with mice and rats and damp peeling wallpaper. I grew up in a slum opposite a synagogue. We were part of the Jewish community. When I got … Read more