Philly, Willie and it’s all gone Silly.

I was called up by a TV station to comment on the fall out between Hollie Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. I declined. The following day I was called up to comment on the ever deepening rift between the two presenters. I declined. The following day, whilst talking to the local doctor, outside ‘Specs Savers’, about … Read more

Hymn no 27

When my father died his second wife seemed to forget that he was born a Jew. He had the looks and attitude of an East End market trader – which he was – when he died in Luton she had arranged a Christian burial. His disgraceful behaviour throughout his life meant the turn out was … Read more

Free the Nipple

Reading the ‘Daily Mail’ is a punishable offence but looking at the pictures is de rigueur. It is impossible to live in todays world without the ‘Mails’ forensic journalism that focusses on mass shootings, spoilers for soaps, the phoney marriages of blind daters not to mention the turgid trailers for naked tv. I’m not a … Read more