I failed maths GCE. I failed it again. I failed it the third time figuring a protractor would not be needed in my chosen profession. I can’t Sudoku. I count on the fingers of both hands when paying for groceries. And yet somehow I manage to do the accounts every month – using a calculator … Read more

The Finale

The pathetic fallacy of the weather reflecting our mood is playing out in my garden. The leaves on my apples trees drip with rain. My geraniums and begonias are drooping. There is a quiet sadness. The cat comes in his fur soaking wet. Children have snotty noses and our bathroom feels cold. The heating is … Read more

A Mast Year.

Walking back from the Post Office I tripped on an acorn. Sitting in the front garden an acorn, the size of a ping pong ball, landed on my head. Trudging round the farm I stamped on a snail, bent down to apologise only to find it was another acorn surrounded by even more acorns. This … Read more