Hastings came up – it’s Thursday – so we went to the ‘SOUTH COAST’ book, my co-habité closed his eyes and flicked the pages until I shouted STOOOOP. It stopped on page 73 – Ditchling ‘The Arts and Crafts Museum’, a mere 30 minutes away. So after a walk round the houses, where we talked … Read more

Theory of Pruning

July 22nd The master of the house is outside using his new hedge cutter and extendable saw. Makes me cry, seeing the roses and pear tree fall to the ground. I dont mind about all the other greenery BUT my heart breaks watching flowers hit the deck Jane,our horticultural neighbour, with the best garden in … Read more


Hastings was hot, so we jumped in the car – that’s not quite true – we slid into the car the skin on my thighs sticking to the seat. Thursday,is our away day so we put Norman the Sat Nav on and headed for Rochester. Not far, but far enough to suck two mints from … Read more

Resignation Ramblings

I’ve got two mosquito bites and a shoulder tan, sitting outside in the garden as Wimbledon wimbles on and Number 10 finally chucks out its rubbish. There is nothing I can say about the arrogant ‘Eton Mess’ that hasn’t already been said by commentators commentating on July 7th’s bombshell, but ramble I must. It feels … Read more