No, No, Nadine.

Tuesday 18th January At 7.15 this morning the Wolf Moon was still hanging in the sky like a massive dirigible. As bright as last night and as huge, it hung over the farm and followed me round my walk. By 7.52, as the sun rose from behind perfectly formed clouds, the mist cleared, but that … Read more

Martin Luther King Day

Monday January 17th. Tonight we have a WOLF MOON. ‘The January full moon is traditionally called the Wolf Moon because wolves can be heard howling at the moon more around this time of year. It was believed that wolves howled more during the winter due to hunger. However, howling can also be a sign of … Read more

The Peters’ Principle

Sunday 16th January The Peters’ Principle: Rising to a level of respective incompetence. Do you remember Martin Shkreli the nasty 38 year old owner of ‘Retrophin’, a humungous drug firm. He was, for a time, the poster boy for unfettered capitalism. In September 2015, Shkreli bought the manufacturing license for the anti parasitic drug ‘Daraprim’. … Read more

Pathetic Fallacy

Saturday 15th of January I sat bolt upright – it was 7.17 the precise moment that dawn arrived. Set my phone alarm and left the house to see the sunrise at 7.57. The dawn arrives one minute earlier every day. By February 1st I’ll be springing out of bed at 7.00 on the button. I … Read more


January 14th. Friday. I read a piece by Suzie Grant, she of ALTERNATIVE AGEING fame, research has revealed that to reset your circadian rhythm, reset your sleeping pattern, and all sorts of other stuff, sunrise is your best friend. So even though I didn’t climb into bed until 2.00 I set my alarm for 7.00 … Read more


Yes? No? Lateral Flow No? Yes? Worra stress Christmas came in with a whimper. A glass of golden Prosecco from a daughter Yes? No? Lateral Flow All in all everybody is swapping symptoms . From flu to Covid, from sneezes to chills Everybody is swapping ills. Thank God for music and riffs, thank Heavens for … Read more