Bunny Rabbits

Friday January 28th It was 1968. ‘Hair’ had just opened in London. France was doing what it does with revolutions, And four of us were moving into a flat in Frognal Lane. Hampstead. Years later I was riffling through a box of old books in Camden Market and came across a diary from a young … Read more


Thursday meant our away-day. We left at 10.45, after Jim had carried 6 bags of coal into the garden and I had completed my dawn walk. Our bums hit the car seats at the same time and we both breathed sighs of relief that we were actually sitting down. Off we went, Nigel at the … Read more

Garden Waste

I mis-timed my awakening. I’d set the alarm for just after seven, because dawn slid into sunrise at 7.47, but when I came out of the bathroom it was 7.54. Now I know it’s only 7 minutes of lost time but when you are as picky as I am it felt like a massive disappointment. … Read more


We’ve just had supper. The three of us sitting round the kitchen table, Bob James on the stereo. I’m wearing dungarees I bought in Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells over twenty five years ago. They are faded and frayed. So frayed, in fact, that the braces are shredded, they only fit into the adjuster, on my … Read more

Overaged drinking

I tried to meet the dawn but I didn’t get to bed until 4.00, so had a short walk at lunchtime. It’s eventime in the old cottage. The cats curled up on the armchair. The dawter’s in the bath. The ‘oosbind’s preparing supper in the kitchen. The stove is roaring and the house is warm. … Read more

Moonlight Flits

Sunday January 23rd At 7.00a.m.I stood in the bathroom – ‘should I stay or should I go?’ After the briefest of washings I decided that the dawn chorus needed me. So I fed the cat and ventured out. It was still dark. The birds were just revving up. By 7.57 the sun was rising, although … Read more

Year of the Cock

Saturday January 22nd February 1st is the beginning of 2022’s Chinese New Year, ‘The Year of the Tiger.’ I only mention this because eighteen years ago, on January 22nd 2004, ‘The Year of the Monkey’ my father, aged 83, went to the monkey sanctuary in the sky. This morning the old git took me out … Read more


We went to Aldi. ‘They’re better than Lidl Cheaper than Waitrose Bigger than Tesco Cleaner than Morrisons Fresher than Sainbury’ Says everybody. So we went to Aldi – which is about 6 miles away – although the old git said the way we went today it was more like ten miles. We went to Aldi … Read more

Sheffield Park

Thursday 20th January Last night, after watching a film about Siegfried Sassoon, I took my sneezy self to bed, held the old git’s hand and let Dennis squeeze between us. Twas asleep before 3.00a.m. I turned the alarm off knowing I had to get some proper shuteye. The dawn dawned without me and the sun … Read more


Wednesday 19th of January. The lateral flow test said NO. So I carried on sneezing and fell into bed by 2.00a.m. This morning I shouted back at the voices shouting at me from the radio, pushed myself to get out of bed, dressed and left for the dawn chorus. 7.53 was sunrise, one minute earlier … Read more