Disgusted from near Tunbridge Wells

I’m sure you know that in Norway they’re building kindergartens next to old peoples homes. A perfect combination of wisdom and grace. We have a similar set up here in the Publet. Two white haired individuals living next to a three year old who wants to play ball, hide under the swing set, nick the … Read more

ill will

So Bolsonaro has had hiccups for ten days, they have hospitalised the father of the rain forest waiting to cut him open. His inability to speak for a fortnight may just save an inch or two of the Amazon. Seeing the bloated Brazilian immobilised on a gurney felt like some kind of retribution. Not to … Read more


The dawter must have been about three. She was given a pink helium balloon, magical and girly. We expressly told her to hold onto the shiny string because if she let it go it would fly up, up and away. Her little fingers grasped that string with the might of a thirty three year old. … Read more

To P or not to P?

My basil has wilted round the edges – we need more sun. I keep looking up long range forecasts as if I had some say in the outcome of the weather. I tip-toe though the garden so I don’t slip on the soggy grass. I pinch out buttercups and daisies that are growing abundantly between … Read more

Stinking Willie

The last time I walked the walk the ferns and nettles hadn’t unfurled, today when I walked the walk if I didn’t know where I was going I wouldn’t have known where I was going. The sun baked my shoulders, the grass was forgiving, soft under foot. Then I crossed over the lane through the … Read more