Love Thy Residential Occupier

My family are immigrants.
The old gits family are immigrants.
Most of my friends are from Irish, Indian, Caribbean or some other shipped-in stock.
Given that the earth is home to 7.674 billion people it wouldn’t be surprising if all of us aren’t related to me or to somebody who knows me or to somebody who is related to me and then some.
Out of 195 countries on earth I bet 195 of them have people who have come and gone and then tried to come back again. Conflict, sadly, seems to be part of our human condition. Even as I write 10 wars are being waged on our crippled planet with the USA, the UK, or Russia supplying all the weapons. Just a handful or arseholes sign the papers that release chaos, tear gas and high capacity magazines, which means that money can pass seamlessly from one bloody tyrant to another. The rest of us peaceful folk watch on as they squander our housekeeping. And now the twat that oozes out of No10 wants to increase our nuclear warheads…..
And in whose name are these weapons sold? Not in mine that’s for sure.
There are 23 deserts on earth and survival in these hot regions is precarious. Given that Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tuscon, are desert towns let’s remember who lays the water pipes, who keeps those desert cities habitable. It sure as hell ain’t the likes of the Mr. & Mrs. Trumpington’s. The survival of those hot, dusty cities relies on importing people and water. Why, the holiday destination of our nouveau riche is sun kissed Dubai which is predicated on slavery. Oh, how our lovely islanders enjoy their luxurious holidays on the Persian gulf without a thought for the little fuckers that built it. Other countries – India, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Nigeria , Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia and the Philippines – all keep their slaves nicely hidden. Ok, so I can’t verify the numbers but I’m prepared to believe that our little globe is toppling under the weight of clandestine people mismanagement.
Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, all war ravaged cities, have made the UK more money than is countable. And so I ask, without wishing to sound disingenuous, what is all this money spent on, cos as sure as f***k it ain’t on me; take a look at the potholes round my manor, they’re deep enough to fish for halibut.
Out of 67 million UK citizens only 14% – 9.5 million people – are immigrants. And since London, with a population of 8.982 million has the most immigrants of all, it computes to only 1 million Johnny foreigners.
It is absurd to imagine that any country on earth does not have incomers and outgoers – that’s what we nomadic humans do. It’s what we’ve always done. If the watering hole is empty we pack up our bundles and set off to find another one. It is ridiculous to think that EVERY single country on this earth DOESN’T have a pile of people that WEREN’T born with a clear ancestral line. Immigration here began in the 19th century with arrivals from the British colonies. The overall foreign born population in Britain between 1851 and 1901, came from Eastern Europe and Russia, so blame my mob of hairy Yiddishers that brought fish and chips and anti semitism to your shores.
So enough already, and shut the fuck up about immigrants. We have a duty of care to those we have exiled from their own countries. We have a duty of conscience to help those children, young men and women and the old and infirm that our wicked fuckers have displaced. Taking away foreign aid, selling vicious weapons to the likes of Bashar al-Assad whose wife spends money at Harrods whilst her people burn, they need the back of their legs slapping. Enough already and shut the fuck up about immigrants, refugees and foreigners. For they are not the problem it’s the self entitled fuckwits who are clinging to a stinking rotten system. My mob were chucked out of Bela Rus because they were Yids. The immigrants that are kissing the white Cliffs of Dover come from countries that we have flattened, whoever they are.
Am I saying anything that is new? Of course not. It’s just that today we are witnessing more and more orphaned kids clinging to strangers, clinging to a belief that they will get a fine welcome when they arrive here in Blighty, instead of being treated like dogs. Would Mr and Mrs Holierthanthou put up with the conditions that real life human beings are subjected to?
The earth belongs to all of us – them, us, those over there and the funny looking lot from behind that tree. We are but custodians; the earth does not belong to a handful of indifferent bastards that fill their coffers from making land mines, buzz bombs and L129A1 sharpshooter rifles whilst the tousled haired tosspot orders more nuclear warheads.
Who the fuck can use them and where the fuck can they be used?
It does not make our lives any safer having a closet full of military hardware.
It does not make any sense sending rockets to Mars whilst we are pissing on our own land. It does not help one living thing from a bee to an adder, from an ostrich to an octopus to invest in deadly weaponry that serves no-one but the arms dealer.
Only the coffers of the callous, dispassionate few can sleep at night whilst they make money out of the death, maiming and torture of other humans.
Am I saying anything new? Am I saying anything you don’t know? For, today’s news that, televisions and coffee machines are the most bought items in lockdown whilst alarm clocks and suit cases are out of fashion, comes as no surprise. For it stands to reason that going out out is no longer in in so whoever your neighbour is you’d better learn to live with them because as things appear we are stuck with each other wherever we come from.
“Make nice” – as my father used to say – be six weeks – as my father said. Be as innocent as a babe and share and care and SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IMMIGRATION, because thems immigrants are not the problem, it’s the selfish, petty little Hitlers that are the bastards in this scenario. So let’s learn to live with those next door neighbours, whatever they speak because as Covid nibbles away at the corners of society you never know when you may need to borrow a cup of grace.

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  1. ……. Keep ‘em coming Jeni Barnett!
    Your words are never and have never been lost on me!
    I just love taking a moment, before my days work and reading what you might have written about!
    It’s been my soul food, for at least, man…….. close to 15 years!
    I might have to start at the beginning and re-read all your blogs!
    Anyway…….. hope you’re ok otherwise…….the best thing is, spring is upon us……. bring on that sunshine and flowers!
    Love as always, the Borowski’s!

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