Bacon laced with nitrates
Chicken doused with bleach
Using them for pigs and fowls
Will fuck up all our healthy bowels
It’s time to Act not preach.
A trade deal with the US
Negotiating evil
Of chemically processed food
That won’t do us an ounce of good
Is sleeping with the Devil.
Those Bastard Brexit Bungladeers
Have well and truly fucked it
Behind the mask of Covid
They have landed us in deep shit.
A Visa if you’ve got a band
A Visa if you’re touring
A Visa if you have a mind
A Visa for exploring
A Visa for the drummer
A Visa for the danseuse
A Visa for the Sax and Bass
A Visa for the chanteuse
A Visa costing loadsa cash
Is now the artists plight
Whilst those Bastard Brexit Bungladeers
Have done it in plain sight.
Thems Bastard Brexit Bungladeers
Have shat squarely on our heads
From high they dropped their fecal bombs
On dreamers in their beds.
But now its time to wake up
Wipe the sleep out from our eyes
For the Phoenix ever rises
And rebellion never dies

1 thought on “Brexshit”

  1. Oh man……. we love you!
    Don’t worry Jeni……. they got their flour and one pineapple today………in Sevenoaks!
    Man, is that what the rich eat?!
    Delivered to Notting Hill today……. and I got cursed at……. by a lady who was waiting for an Uber, I think?!
    I tried to reverse into a tight space, which I think is where her Uber was gonna pick her up from….. I asked where she was heading, as I didn’t want to run her toes over.
    She didn’t get my question and really gave me an ear slapping for getting in her and the ubers way!
    Before I could explain that I was trying to deliver some food to feed the rich, she had gone!
    They always get away with it don’t they?!
    She’ll probably get a take out coffee from that place I delivered too today……. hopefully I won’t get in her way?!
    I’ve just made a risotto for the family, ingredients from Lidl…… all we can afford!
    But the main ingredient is love!
    An ingredient not many people have!
    Weather is looking good for the weekend……… might get me shorts on and take a walk, with the family, down the avenue!
    Love, the Borowski’s xxx

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