House Guests

Who can forget their first ever saucer with a piece of paper sprinkled over with mustard and cress seeds? The excitement as the little green shoots emerged, then the sheer pleasure of eating those newly sprouted leaves with a cut up hardboiled egg on a mound of cold butter that tore holes in a slice … Read more


Bacon laced with nitrates Chicken doused with bleach Using them for pigs and fowls Will fuck up all our healthy bowels It’s time to Act not preach. **** A trade deal with the US Negotiating evil Of chemically processed food That won’t do us an ounce of good Is sleeping with the Devil. **** Those … Read more

Knit one pearl one

As the snow covers the Hellebores I’ve just read that James Dean would have been 90 this week, he died when I was six. Neither Mr. Dean nor Mr. Presley were visitors in our house, our house – one of the first to have quadraphonic sound – preferred to fill the air waves with Mr. … Read more


Way before Woolworths was founded a geezer out in India – Sage Patanjali – was credited with inventing Yoga. Trying to silence the mind and tie the body into self realised knots was the Sages’ gift to the world. Yoga, India’s greatest export apart from Patak’s Brinjal Pickle and Petroleum, is a discipline that is … Read more

water ways

It’s so quiet I can hear the ticking clock in the kitchen and Dennis’ snoring in the sitting room. The stove is lit, earlier than normal, cos it’s a frozen-to-the-marrow-kinda-day, well it is the coldest January for ten years. I’ve made a fancy coleslaw using one of those white plastic mandolines that if you’re not … Read more