News from the cottage.

Every body has an opinion.
Everybody knows someone who has it.
Everybody is doing what they can in their own way.
Everybody is living their best Sunday.
Unless you’re not.
Unless you haven’t got food, or neighbours, or the wherewithal, or the imagination, or the support, or family or friends or youth or the internet or space, or hope.
Oprah and Deepak or giving a 21 day free HOPE meditation, there are loads of things on the internet that are trying to help.
And the silence of the planes, and the buzzing of the bees, and the fortitude of somebody we know.
And the chirping of the birds, and the kindness of somebody else.
The bikers are speeding past on the main road, revving their engines and shattering the atmosphere. The calmness destroyed by helmeted self servers keeping their distance and getting their moment of exercise. Never noticed them before but the backdrop of peace was usurped and I found myself angry. Really angry. Feelings and emotions coming to the surface, why was I so angry? Because it felt like a selfish act and I felt like a miserable old toad even thinking such thoughts . But the heady ambience of quiet is making us all think and listen more and wonder what will happen next when more helmets try to bring back the old order.
I meditated, along with a million others, on Sunday night. Sitting cross legged on the carpet knowing that others were doing the same, my nephew did it in his woodland, my homeopath did it in her conservatory, my neighbour did it in the garden, all over the world self isolating individuals came together in the belief that a million minds could change things. Would change things, must change things, a million souls believed they will change the status quo.
Day whatever of quarantine and we are stocked up with love and patience and phone calls and FaceTime and from all over everywhere the reality of our short little lives slams home.
Posting positive quotes and chain mails of poetry are not my thing but trusting that an age of gentility is approaching. That generosity and kindness, opportunities and love are floating on the cleaner air. That debts are written off, that touching each other will never be taken for granted again and that every one of us will have a bath that we can sink into, and a warm bed that we can lie on. I know it’s made me go dippy, but who cares. If you sneeze bless you, if you’re afraid don’t panic, remember the only constant is change and this too will pass.
So I wish us all health, wealth, love and perfect self expression.

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  1. Our job, my job, is on hold. The county has redeployed some of us and so today I was packing boxes of food. The county I live in decided early on to get food to people who had no other way to obtain it. People with no family to help, or no internet to book a delivery from a supermarket. So we box food. Nice fresh fruit and veg, tinned food, dried food, tea, butter and long life milk. Our drivers are working 12 hour shifts to deliver this food all over the county. They’re risking catching this damn plague, but they want to help. They want to ease people’s fears and meet their needs.
    The kindness is on a vast scale. From the heads of departments who turned up to pack boxes with us to these drivers risking their wellbeing to make sure the old and vulnerable in the county get fed.
    I’ll never take kindness for granted again.

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