Sock it to ’em

Three handfuls of Epsom salts, a squirt of Badedas and Radio 4. At 7.30 this morning I climbed into the bath and pondered on the end of the world as we know it. By midnight on Friday we will be out of the EU. Speculation abounds; queues, stockpiling, hoarding, lack of medicine, lack of bananas, … Read more

Re- unification of GFL.

My feet are freezing. I did my yoga thinking my temperature would rise, but it didn’t. I meditated thinking I could think myself warm, but I didn’t. I laid the fire, hoovered, cleaned the kitchen, drove out for the papers, put on a hoodie and a down-filled gilet, put the heater on full in the … Read more

It’s later than you think.

Last week, against a backdrop of Orange Buffoonery and trampled mourners, the old git and I sat and watched the clock in the sitting room as it arrived at 20:20:20:2020. one second of pleasure. Back in the 70’s when we lived in Wapping, we would stand in front of our VHS recorder until the time … Read more