Jew- Ish

I am Jewish – whatever that means. I do not go to synagogue, although I have been in my life. I do not wear a wig for G-d. I do not normally write God, ‘G-d.’ I am married to a Catholic. I do not eat Kosher, although I always buy Kosher salt, it tastes better. … Read more


I am not ashamed to say that Saturday night is a special blend of heckles and fleckles. When a wooden telly presenter is voted in and a lithe DJ is voted out I heckle, when a vlogger, blogger, or Diva displays a passable fleckle I’m out of my bean bag and howling with the dog. … Read more

Downward Dawg

When I lived in Wapping, I was young, my hair was thick, my eyes bright and my body did what it was told. I knew the area as I had grown up in Aldgate, went to Canon Barnet school on Commercial Street and studied the piano at Toynbee hall. If you walk down the street … Read more