Enough Already

Wordsmiths have berated him.
Politicians have debunked him.
He has been shamed, humiliated exposed and vilified.
There is no-one that does not have an opinion about him.
And yet the Prime Minister of this country is getting away with it.
Who cares whether it’s Dominic Cummings, Gove or Francoise who are dipping their greasy fingers into all the pies, their finger dipping is happening, in plain sight, in front of our very eyes. And like a slow motion accident we stare in disbelief as the car smashes into the wall. Mouths agape, silently screaming, we witness the ghastly men of the old order dismantling our liberties. Taking away our freedom.
Even though thousands stand shoulder to shoulder chanting their disgust,
roaring their disapproval, still the weasley men of power continue to bamboozle and bluff their way into the history books.
The words of wise children, the speeches of wise elders, are ridiculed. Whether its climate change, back stops, borders or tariffs, our lonely little Island is being plundered and abused by robbers who could care less about any of it. As we teeter on the brink of isolation, there are those who gleefully await the crash, holding out their greedy little hands to catch the fluttering bank notes.
Finance, money, cash bonuses, off shore accounts, it all makes no never mind as the typhoons rage and the earth shudders to its core.
There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said before, but as fear grips the soul I know I am not alone. That the winds of change are upon us and no matter what the blustering buffoons do, no matter how many bombs they drop, how many people they displace, how much land they destroy – there are scientists building green power houses, and children sewing seeds – for make no mistake the shoots of renewal have been planted and behind every blade of grass there is an angel willing it to grow.

2 thoughts on “Enough Already”

  1. And so say we all …
    And today no protests allowed London wide, ID being demanded if you walk across Lambeth Bridge. Police state is here …

  2. Mrs Jeni Barnett,
    You are my hero!
    I miss your old blogs of life……. the beauty, the day to day duties…..!
    Let’s not get too smothered in the muck………….. we have children to tend to and still, flowers grow!

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