Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

I studied the British Constitution at school, never concentrated, wasn’t bothered, had about as much interest as learning how to plait raffia palm mats. But now fifty four years down the line my interest has been sparked by an old Etonian bully masquerading as our First Minister, a clever, calculating, manipulative nincompoop, imbecile, jerk, lummox, … Read more

Ian Duncan’t Spliff

I’m on Radio Sussex for one more week. 5.50 start. 6.20 leave. 7.08 Brighton. 7.30 Telly trail. 8.00 probable pre-record. 8.28 trail. 8.32 trail. 9.05 and we’re off. Last week we covered everything from Green living to Narcolepsy. A young 18-year-old by the name if Lewis Herzog, told us of his life and tribulations as … Read more