Ian Duncan’t Spliff

I’m on Radio Sussex for one more week.
5.50 start. 6.20 leave. 7.08 Brighton. 7.30 Telly trail. 8.00 probable pre-record. 8.28 trail. 8.32 trail. 9.05 and we’re off.
Last week we covered everything from Green living to Narcolepsy. A young 18-year-old by the name if Lewis Herzog, told us of his life and tribulations as a narcoleptic. He was eloquent, articulate, and in no way beaten by his condition. He’s off to university on his own having fought for a drug that cost 2,000 pounds a bottle. For two years he had to convince his doctors that he was eligible for it. He won, because he is one of life’s winners.
This morning we talked about the retirement age being increased to 75.
Ian Duncan-Spite – the 65-year-old pomposity who said he could live on 53 Pounds a week while pocketing more money than he deserves – and his think tank suggested that the country can not afford old people any more. The harder we work the fitter we become – says the corpulent business man who has pension schemes coming out of his anus – ‘Lets get the untermenches working as hard as they can for 70 is the new 50’ – well something like that said the ex-leader of the Conservative Party who deems disabled people only to be actually disabled when they are knocking on heavens door.
People telephoned and talked of being on pension credit because life had dealt them blows that made retirement a prospect only achievable by the likes of Ian Duncan-Smite.
I am lost for words when I think about the financial advisors, the bankers, the monied class that have as much compassion as Ian Duncan’s scrotal sack.
Forgive me, even a scrotal sack, that swings to the right, has more compassion than Ian Duncan-Shiz.
Impartiality is the watch word at the British Broadcasting Corporation, and I am extremely grateful that I have the privilege of listening to people when they tell their stories, air their grievances, on a platform that is provided by speech radio. But sometimes it hurts that I am powerless to help. All I can do is give people the chance to talk.
So today we opened up a box of worms. A woman activist who has been tirelessly working for female equality for six years, discovered that the country was 28 Billion pounds in credit, our credit, your credit. 28 billion pounds that was in the coffers from the hard work that millions of us have paid into our National Insurance scheme. That money instead of being used to help the vulnerable, the old, the infirm, was used to pay off our national debt run up by whom?
It weren’t me guv.
Not me guv.
So tomorrow I talk about ageism, bum implants and the buttstop. Feel free to talk to me.