Donalds Dilemma.

I had a dream, not as eloquent as Dr.M.L.Kings, but a dream nevertheless.
I dreamt that the Green Water People, Zuni’s, Apache’s and Sioux, Cherokee and Choctaw’s, and many more, assembled on the White House Lawn. Thousands of Native Americans from the North, to the South from the East to the West, from the Great Plains to Chihuahua, all assembled on the White House lawn sitting atop their beautiful horses. Spanish Mustangs, Appaloosas and Pony’s from the Praires, standing silently on the White House Lawn. The only movement – their manes in the breeze, the only sound hooves pawing the ground and an occasional blow of air from their velvety noses.
The indigenous people sat tall and still, their War bonnets and feathered headdresses a sea of colour. From Arizona to Wyoming, from Apalachee to Keweenay bay, the women held newly stitched flags with seven words embroidered on them.
The 45th President and his entourage of fawning sycophants peered out of the White House windows, holding their breath for the flags, waving in the wind, said simply
I had a dream.

3 thoughts on “Donalds Dilemma.”

  1. Hey Jeni Barnett!
    My hero!
    Thank you so much for your recent, rapid fire blogs, reminds me of the old days!
    Still can’t live without them!
    It’s been 2 years, almost to the day, that we moved from Catford to Crowborough!
    It’s lovely here, Layla and Leon are blossoming…….. so is our garden!
    Having settled in nicely……… coming to terms with country life……… establishing ourselves like the plants we brought with us…….I always knew that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was also an inhabitant of this little town…… but I’ve started to read into it!
    I went to school in south Norwood, again a place where Arthur Conan Doyle recided……. I’m sure my spelling is poor…….. I’ll continue otherwise!
    But he made the journey, like me and my family, to Crowborough!
    I wonder why?
    I can’t find any info on the reason’s why. I’ve started volunteering at Batemans, as a gardener, because I’m basically a frustrated gardener and I love Kipling!
    The two things made sence!
    And in doing so……. Kipling has been kept reveired…….. his study kept still in time, preserving his time here, his gardens preserved by the likes of me……… but what of Doyle?
    The writer who created the wonderful stories of Sherlock Holmes!
    World renound……… just like Kiplings stories and most beautiful poetry?!
    There’s nothing left for Doyle, in our little town and I think we should re ignite the interest!
    Bring a bit of history back to Crowborough!
    I’m not sure if any of your bloggers agree………. but maybe we should all put a bit of money in a pot……. grab one of our diminishing shops and turn it into a Conan Doyle museum?!
    Or……. if anyone has any info on the man, the writer…….. I would love to hear it!
    Especially in this time, of staring at screens…… with fake news……….we should celebrate a person who conjured wonderful stories of time that didn’t go by……… but got the imagination running wild!
    Big love, the Borowski’s x

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