Suki Sioux

Well it had to happen, after the Labrador died we only had cats, then Emmy decided to die in the spring. She lay in the garden her front paws crossed, a smile on her face, as stiff as a board. Her long life had come to an end. And then we talked. We went to … Read more

Donalds Dilemma.

I had a dream, not as eloquent as Dr.M.L.Kings, but a dream nevertheless. I dreamt that the Green Water People, Zuni’s, Apache’s and Sioux, Cherokee and Choctaw’s, and many more, assembled on the White House Lawn. Thousands of Native Americans from the North, to the South from the East to the West, from the Great … Read more


My dear bloggers The end of a weeeeeeek, a long long weeeeeek. Culminating in four hours at Drusilla’s zoo. On the radio I’ve talked to doctors, story consultants, an uninformed gay black-man who suggested that the two lesbians that got mugged on the bus brought it on themselves SCUSE ME!!!! I talked to green festival … Read more

June brings tulips, lilies roses……

June happened in the blinking of an eye. We watched the honey bees slurp the nectar out of all the blue flowers and counted the worm holes in the lawn. I planted up radishes, rocket, spinach and two tomato plants, refugees from Devon. There were birthdays galore; surrogate sons, nephews, granddaughters, godchildren, brothers. They all … Read more