Go with the Snow….

Dear All, what a palaver.
The snow is as high as an elephants thigh.
My little red car is no longer, she is decreased. On the scrap heap. boo-bloody-hoo.
The dawter’s car is stuck in the garage, burnt out clutch.
The old git’s car is on the blink.
10.000 steps ain’t possible what with ice, and my propensity for falling down.
Meetings are missed, agent’s are quiet.
Radio cancelled cos of snow drifts and lack of above mentioned vehicles.
Logs chopped.
Coal bought.
Fire lit.
Stove lit.
I started with two hot water bottles, I now take four to bed, plus the cat and a furry ‘oosbind.
I’ve got wooly socks, woolly jumpers, wooly brain.
I eat porridge at night, soup in the day, drink pots of Lapsang to heat my inner burner.
We had three days in Whitstable, in a house, on the beach, 11 of us, eating drinking and celebrating one of us reaching a remarkable age. We played games and sat close to the blazing fire.
Today we should have been in London celebrating the dawter’s birthday instead the snow is as high as an elephants thigh.
You know the rest. STAY WARM.

3 thoughts on “Go with the Snow….”

  1. I was listening to BBC 4 radio yesterday to the ‘Just a [email protected] programme at 12pm and was sure you were one of the four celeb contestants, but it was Jo Caulfield, the comedian! The sound of her voice and the way she speaks, including her choice of words, are exactly like you! I hope that’s a compliment!! Ha! You can hear it on BBC iplayer radio.
    Lots of love,

  2. The snow – which had settled – stayed from last Monday to Saturday afternoon. It finally disappeared on Sunday, when the temperature carried on rising. Today it’s a balmy 11• and the ache in my lower back seems to have decided to go away! Can’t say the same about my knees …
    Hope the thaw happens soon down in your neck of the woods. Hope the transport issues resolve sooner …

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