Red Cars

At 12.00 a big car transporter turned up at the cottage. I was packing my bag after doing a mid morning show for Radio Sussex, so I couldn’t wave goodbye to my little red car of fifteen years.
Some geezer tweeted I was ‘about as entertaining as mumps, all jolly hocky sticks’….if he had any idea of my background the last thing he would accuse me of being is jolly let alone cocky at hockey.
Still each to their own. He wants his radio to be more local, so good luck young man, tune into Radio Hops, or Radio Fish and Chips.
The car has gone to the scrap heap, which is where I think the young man wants me to be, but I ain’t ready yet. Were I to do local-radio-local to who I am I would be in the middle of Aldgate East chuntering on abaht jellied eels and bagels. Since I now live a short seagulls flight from Brighton you could say I’m more local than not.
So as my little red car gets mashed into a tin box, I wave goodbye to the end of an era and welcome in the beginning of a new one.
I’m off out to breathe the air and work on my bullying off.

3 thoughts on “Red Cars”

  1. My Darling Jeni
    It’s been a while – there will always be those who want underground what (or better who!) is experienced, full of life and wisdom! Our job is to keep them from shoveling! And how well indeed you do that! I’ll promise I’ll try to listen to you more often op’d Brighton way! Your Kraut! xxxxx

  2. Hey Jeni Barnett,
    So sorry to hear your little, red car is no longer!
    I’ve been reading about that little car for ten years or more!
    What colour will you go for next I wonder?!
    Take care,
    Love the Borowski’s!!

  3. Oh bless I hope you find a new red one.
    I have been without a car since himself died last year I am lost without wheels, first time I have not had a car since I was 17,. Xx

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