The Wild Atlantic Way.

My computer tells me it’s 15.42, though the clock on the wall says 2.16. I haven’t been in the attic since the clocks went back, which makes no never mind since the batteries in the wall clock are flat anyway. Turning the clock back, though, would be preferable sometimes wouldn’t it? Not that looking backwards … Read more

Gongs and things

Outside looks inviting, but inside has won out. Yes, yes I know I should be smelling the damp earth, digging up the weeds, I know I should be kicking over the leaves and planting snow drops for the spring BUT I cannot be arsed. Why can’t I be bothered? Because I have had a long … Read more

The Big Borowski’s

I’ve been shamed by the Borowski family, who wrote such a delicious blog that I’ve come straight to the attic, put the heater on, donned thick woollen socks, opened up my blog and started writing. Trump and May, dominate my political head, but their antics are so confusing and dastardly that I have to turn … Read more