The comment from ‘Grancangirl’, for just a nano second, upset me. My initial reaction to nasty posts always has the same affect on me. I read it once, then again, then wonder what I did to make ‘Grancangirl’, and the likes of her, be so hurtful. And then I remember that I am in favour or free speech and if i don’t like unfavourable comments I should stop writing blogs. My ego, however, is always massaged by being stopped in the supermarket by my blog readers. Nothing like an intimate chat over the soups to know who your friends are.
So sorry to disappoint ‘Grancangirl’ but I am still bleating lots of rubbish on radio, telly and various salubrious venues, which you dear girl, will probably never turn up to, being superglued as you are to your trolling station.
This morning I was woken by three fluttering Blue Tits on the bird feeder hanging outside the bedroom window, secured there yesterday by my faithful Great Tit, who is at present, taking a video of at least five little birds pecking at the peanuts. I heard him shout ‘Look at the tits on that’ and a yelp of delight as a Nuthatch joined them for lunch. ‘Grancangirl’, just as an afterthought, the little Tit is a symbol of love and understanding, just saying.
This morning, to celebrate the first day of October I put on my walking boots, a blue Kagul, and a rucksack, courtesy of on my dawter’s cast offs, and commenced my 10,000 steps in the drizzle; I took off my glasses as I couldn’t see for the spray. All up hill, past B’s old school, past the old police station, past the vets, past the pub, left onto the Green, past the church, down towards the supermarket and into the shop to get my free ‘Observer’ newspaper. I packed the rucksack with Coconut water, bean sprouts from the cheap shelf, creme caramel for the old git and my paper.
I set off down hill for my last three hundred steps. Got to the Farm, and called my chauffeur who obliged. As my wrist buzzed with my 10.000’th step he flashed me.
The old git turned the car around, I swung my load into the back and flopped down on the front seat. We were home two minutes later to porridge, sausages and coffee.
I’ve read the papers and now I’m researching a telly prog I’m filming next Friday – sorry ‘Grancangirl’. The rest of the day will be taken up with thinking about gardening, thinking about bathing in an Epsom salt bath and thinking about life before technology when Sunday’s were taken up with real activities, including singing round the piano, arguing over Monopoly and debating the merits of censorship.
Happy Hunters Moon, on Thursday, and may your October be filled with gits, tits and nuts.

6 thoughts on “Grancangirlcan’t”

  1. Dear Jeni
    I look forward to your blog. You have a full , interesting loving life.
    Unlike some poor lonely people who it seems are a bit jealous. They wouldn’t have the courage to say those nasty things to anyone’s face.
    More strength and good health to you
    so we can all keep hearing from you.
    I was hoping you would do another tv series with chefs. Loved the Xmas one. Big kiss and hugs to you

  2. hello jeni! 🙂
    so random that i am here right now.. reading this post
    i am an island girl from trinidad and tobago..
    for the past 2 weeks i happened to stumble upon the bbc world outlook programme on the radio..
    and it made me happy.. and strangely nostalgic and.. at home in a way
    then today i remembered..
    it reminds me of my time when i lived in london on 2009
    i used to listen to your programme on lbc religiously..
    every afternoon
    they were so lovely
    thought provoking.. quirky
    i especially remember the one on white feathers and the presence of an angel…
    (ironically i used to live in angel)
    maybe it is a coincidence
    (but you know.. in the hebrew language there is no word as coincidence..)
    maybe sheer chance..
    i would just like you to know
    i loved your presence of the radio oh so long ago..
    so much so years later..
    i am here to remind you what a beautiful soul you are..
    a white feather indeed
    you take care 🙂
    and be happy

  3. Hi Jeni
    Oh I so agree with Shireen I too use to listen to you, it was like sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and chatting with a dear friend, so thank you for those memories Jeni.
    Stay well.
    Sent with love
    June xx

  4. Hi Jeni, could you please have a separate section on your blog that shows when you are on radio/tv. I keep missing you. Love the blog. x

  5. Hey Jeni,
    where’s your next blog……..please keep writing. I have absolutely loved reading them over the past Ten or so years, can’t believe it, how time flies?!
    I used to love listening to you on LBC……I was 24 then, just starting to get going with my work, doing well, met a girl, from Tunny Wells, I’m a Brixton boy, born and raised. We decided to get married. We bought our first home, in sunny catford……….we now have two, amazingly beautiful children, Layla and Leon. And through all the adventures of being a carefree 24 year old to now being a bread winning daddy and Hubby, your blogs have been a constant in my life……and i think a wonderful influence!
    Your passion for London, is exactly like mine……..I’m a very proud Londoner.
    But then i loved reading your descriptions of the countryside……always a special treat and a brief rest bite from the drama’s of London Town.
    Inevitably, we outgrew our, wicked, little house in Catford and ended up selling it, with a very heavy heart…….and quickly needing a new home and a third bedroom, for our growing little London posse. And as the pressure of finding a new home mounted and the depressing realisation that my home town had become totally and utterly unaffordable……me and the wifey felt a little lost and wondered where on earth could we go.
    Well, one morning, the wifey suggested Tunny Wells, back to her hometown, after all, she had just spent the last five years navigating the cold concrete of Catfords streets, avoiding the giant claw of the cat above head!
    And so we did it………….after years of reading your blogs, meeting my girl, from posh, tunny wells……..we’ve made it to Crowborough………a beautiful house, can’t quite believe it really, and we have the most amazing, wonderous garden but most importantly, we have that third bedroom that my London Town said I couldn’t have.
    We’ve settled in well, it helps that the wifey is back in her hometown and the grandparents are nearby.
    We’ve been in for a couple of months now……………I love it but it is just so, so different here!
    The wifey said that I should write to you and let you know how important your words have been and are to me and what a wonderful ambassador you are for East Sussex…….so thank you Jeni Barnett.
    Cant believe I’ve uprooted my family from the big smoke, to somewhere so beautiful……….we now live somewhere, where i used to love reading about in your blogs!
    Bring on the next Ten years, can’t do it without your words Jeni.
    Many massive thankyou’s and many kindest regards,
    Love the Borowski family!

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