august 7th.

The sky is low. the purple lilac outside the kitchen window looks limp. I’ve been watching the butterflies, because Saint David Attenborough wanted us to count them.
One orange, two red admirals, and some white ones. Not as many as there used to be, in 1984 we had blue butterflies fluttering by.
So I went for a walk through the oat fields. ‘The fruits hang like chandeliers’ said the old git. Wheat is tightly bunched and Barley has long hairs. The weather has smashed the crops, I wondered this morning whether, if I were to be in a drone, would I be witnessing a crop circle. At ground level it looks like a slushy mess.
Like apples the blackberries are ripening. I’ve learnt to my cost that if they don’t drop easily into your hands they are tarty and sharp. I ate some juicy ones.
Everything feels autumnal. The spitting rain, the petals on the brown tinged lilies. I’ve a jug of flowers on the kitchen table, from the garden, never done that before, but the roses looked so forlorn I harvested them along with sweet peas, a sprig of fennel and a twig of marjoram. They are in a jug which was a wedding present from Jayne Irving. do you remember her?
Last night there was a Sturgeon moon, big and bright and good enough for the little fishes to come out. I couldn’t sleep so I lit a candle, put some Rose Madoc essential oil on me finger tips, sniffed the scent and meditated. All a bit lary as we have a visiting house spider that is SOOOOO big, i’m concerned if I fall asleep it will walk all over me. Jim tried to catch it but it disappeared inside the kitchen dresser. It has longer legs than Naomi Campbell.
And the pigging slugs have found a way into the kitchen. Slimy and grey, I push the dustpan under them then chuck ’em into next doors garden. He’s moved so they have a gourmet lunch on his chickweed.
Today it’s writing in the attic, worrying in the kitchen and snoozing in the sitting room.
The suns just come out, teasing me……I asked the ‘oosbind if he wanted to go and see SPIDERMAN.
‘No’ said the old man. Perfunctorily without a gap for negotiation.
Trumps playing golf, Theresa’s walking, Jeremy’s cycling and Aldi is selling the best gin in the world for a tenner.
I dont drink gin.
We haven’t got an Aldi in our village.
So I look toward the day that our leaders do right by us.
heard a good quote.

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  1. I pop by now and then just to see what’s going on. You usually are doing something that resonates with me, I love that you keep
    It real. I too am struggling with spiders!!!! I’ve not seen one, yet, but I am afraid they are walking in me in the night. I best get some of that oil you’re talking about can’t sleep with the light on every night!!!

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