Rosh Hashanah

One week later the Cholla, chopped liver, Gefilte fish balls, bagels, egg and onion, Shepherds Pie, Macaroni Cheese, thirty thousand cakes and 43,000 bags of nibbles have finally left the house.
66 guests, including a dozen radio active children and one visiting dog from next door, have finally left the building.
This new year was celebrated by apples nibbled, dipped in honey, with us toasting Year 5777, with fruitfulness, sweetness and joy.
I’ve walked to work off the Champagne cocktails, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and various mouthfuls of cheese cakes. I’ve trodden on acorns, berries, drying leaves and dodged falling conkers. I collected the fruits of the Chestnuts to bake them, steep them in vinegar, and then thread them. If they’re still whole, next year we will have a conkers tournament in the garden. We are all getting older so drinking will be replaced by games. The winner can do the washing up.
Sunday October 30th. and the clocks go back. An extra hour in bed and two pairs of bed socks. The old git put the heating on yesterday and pruned the Euonymus, Aucuba and Box, when the last apple has fallen he’ll prune the trees. I’ve got bulbs to plant and
roses to tidy. The lawn will get hoovered and my mothers plants will be tidied. Soon it’ll be the end of a year when we struggled with Theresa, Trains and Trump. Grrrrr.
The dark duvet covers have been put on, as well as the heater in the bath room, and I’m revisiting the library, to keep it, and my mind open. The woods in the wood shed, the cats on the bed and my one coffee of the week has gone down a treat.
Jim has fixed the tap in the bath so now I have real running water as opposed to a trickle. Ah! First world problems…..
May the beginning of Autumn bring baked apples and cider to your door.

3 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah”

  1. I am touched by your Rosh Hashanah celebrations. So warming to see how you keep up the tradition like the apple dipped in honey etc.
    So let’s hope this year will be successful for all with good health and may all our dreams come true.
    lots of warm love.

  2. Hi Jeni
    So lovely to hear you are up and running [so to speak] again and cherishing every moment.
    Enjoy my darling girl.
    June x

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