End Os Copy that

I have been sitting in my silence.
Sitting in my own pool of fear, which seeped under the doors and through the windows.
I have been awaiting the Endoscopy, which everybody had an opinion about.
Have the sedative.
Don’t have the sedative.
You’ll gag.
You’ll burp.
You’ll panic.
At 7.45 this morning the ‘oosbind drove me to the hospital.
Checked in to the Endoscopy unit which is open seven days a week, all day every day. Are you listening Mr. Hunt.
Went and sat with senior nurse Sally who asked me my name, age and an assortment of medial questions.
Then into the Endoscopy room. Monica, the Portuguese nurse, talked me though the procedure. I’ve learnt during this marathon ordeal, not to ask any unnecessary questions, not to speculate and to trust that my meditation and calm thinking will get me through.
it certainly did this morning.
Mr. Sharma shook my hand then put on his latex gloves.
Monica sprayed my throat with a banana tasting spray,to numb the back of the throat, I was then instructed to lie on my your left side, in with a green gum shield with a hole in the middle.
I breathed deeply, intercostal diaphragmatic breathing, down went the tube with the camera attached. Looked liked ET’s finger. Took pics round my internal world, routine biopsies of a polyp in the stomach, three burps and up I sat.
The whole procedure tok about 5 minutes.
I shook everybody’s hand and filled out a form telling the hospital that everybody involved was wonderful.
I waited for the read out, Jim came in to the cubicle to listen with his ears. The polyp, was being sent off for diagnosis, a little bit of gastritis in the stomach and a little inflammation in the duodenum. So nothing really to report. Exactly one hour later the old git drove us home.
The phone kept ringing from my army of supporters, and at 10.25 I was allowed to eat.
A lovely pea green soup, I made yesterday.
I may have to have a barium meal since the instructions were to check my swallowing. Apparently I had said I had difficulty with swallowing – I don’t know where they got that from – still any results that I need to know will be sent to me by letter.
I have to face a consultant on March 10th to try and establish what is causing the pain, but each test eliminates another area of concern.
So now at 11.15, the damp grey morning has been taken up with sprays and form filling. I’m going to slide into the bath, read and remind myself that I am totally healthy, its just some buggering thing that’s causing the pain.
Maybe I swallowed something on my American tour, although I think it was mostly my pride.

2 thoughts on “End Os Copy that”

  1. Hi Jeni
    We are both having challenging times at the moment.
    I keep telling myself, “This to shall pass”
    Lets make this our mantra.
    Sending love and hugs

  2. life does seem to go ” on hold ” when you get a health scare . Denial and then I haven’t got the time for this ! Keep warm , well fed and stress free . Our fantastic NHS will find out the cause and sort you out . Loads of good wishes just blown your way x

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