Wheel in the Smoothies

Change of clothes in my pink suede bag
Olly went driving round town and the rest of us went to a side road.
Parked up was a stall with two bicycles. Nailed to the floor.
Inside the roadside arrangement was a handsome young man.
He filled a goblet with kiwi fruit, apples, and some other green things, put it on a fitment on the bicycle and told me to pedal.
With a slow start the goblet blades turned. I pedalled faster and the green ingredients changed before my very eyes. By the time I was pedalling like a lunatic my goblet was filled with an icy green smoothie.
The taste? Divine.
My thighs. Wobbly.
We did it again with red ingredients.
On you marks, get set, go. My little legs pedalling as fast as they could go. And there, before my very eyes, my icy berry smoothie. A group of dedicated customers came to the open window.
The cycling smoothie truck was the best thing yet.
I drunk my weight in Kiwi and changed, in the blacked out truck, for a piece to camera by the water.
Wrong clothing so I changed, in the blacked out truck, into my old clothes.
Took me back to my early days as an itinerant thespian.
And then my last change. Underwear in the outside zip of my suitcase. Into my travelling dress, the one that lets me breath and sleep and does no harm to any bits of my body. Bags in the hold and it was off to Seattle, for a four hour wait.
Then the plane that would take us back to Blighty.
And before you could say ‘stop the circling just land already’ we were back at Heathrow.
I got back to my home by 3.30 in the afternoon.
The garden green. The husband there. The cats all furry and feline. The husband, the home, the kitchen, the clean bed and – after all that time in America – I was finally back in my own home.
JENI AND OLLY’S WEST COAST WINE ADVENTURE airs on our screens in September. But then you’ve read all about it, you won’t need to watch it now, or will you?

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  1. Dear Jeni
    I’ve been with you every step of the way and I’ve enjoyed it so much, can’t wait to see it all on the TV. Echoing Poppypeewee, please let us know dates and times.

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