Cookie Monster

Caesar Salad
Artichoke soup
Caramelised onions
Some of the delicacies that I ate, in one day, and not necessarily in that order.
You cant make an omelette without breaking eggs. You cant make a food show without breaking rules.
So off we drove, Roll B and Roll A to the food market, at the Ferry building. Where we shot the last frames of the last series.
Olly and I tried bespoke ice-cream. Creamy breakfast in a scoop.
Then shooting by the water we were told to stop filming, by the maitre d’ of the restaurant we had booked for lunch, as a famous sportsman was eating outside, he complained we were filming him.
When we sat down for lunch apologies were given to us, since she was only doing her job.
Huge plates of food dampened the bad vibes. Bill paid and off we went to China Town.
‘Best custard tarts in town’ said the owner of the bakery. $1.65 for the sweetest little tart. I opened my mouth, and like a hungry pelican, I downed it in one. I had just eaten my weight in lunch, where was the custard tart going to go? The same way as the second one. They were delicious.
Then up a little alley and on the left was an open fronted room. Dark, bags of fortune cookies lay on shelves. An old contraption with pipes and blue flames, pumped out discs of biscuity dough. Two mature women sat all day curling the discs round a hot pipe, discarding the dough when it went cold. All day they curled the disc and put in little paper fortunes. I noticed a bag of fortunes with adult themes, but it was a little too late to buy the unfortunate cookies.
The second woman was on a mobile phone, we suspected she may have owned half of San Francisco on the back of a full day of cookie curling, we left as queues were forming to see the cookie curling cuties.
Eddie took us to a tea shop. Shelves of tea caddies containing the elixir of life. The propriator gave us samples of hot tea, poured from a great height into little bowls. The best tea shop outside of the Orient. I left with a gift of Angel Green tea, apparently good for diabetes. Steep for 30 seconds then pour. One teaspoon can make 60 little cups…
San Francisco was gearing up for Gay Pride, we were there on the very day that Gay Marriage was made legal in the States. We were going out on the razz but by the time we hit the hotel my get up and go had got up and gone.
2 White Russians – thats cocktails not guests – accompanied me to my bed.
Set my alarm and slipped into bed. Fortune cookie monsters passed before my eyes whilst custard tarts danced the Fandango. Outside the hotel proud Gays took over the streets. Good for them.

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