The all Clear

Broke the elbow on February 22nd.
Today I was given the all clear. But not after waiting for two and a half hours in the aircraft hanger that is called our hospital. One of the X-Ray machines had gone down. By the time I got into Zone 2 and booth five I was ready to strangle the lovely Irish Doctor.
If the Conservative party get in, along with Farage’s louts, we will not have a NHS to talk of.
The women volunteers work their socks off, the nurses and docs work their socks off. All the while the stench of diminishing stocks fowls the corridors. You can’t run a hospital on sticky tape and good will. Please tell Cameron that as he sells off yet more of Mr. Bevans legacy there is such a thing as Karma.
I sat next to a professional woman, whilst waiting to be marched past elderly people on beds through corridors, with yet more elderly people on trollies, to another x-ray room where the overworked radiologist apologised to me for my long wait. It’s not his fault, the prof woman said she couldn’t vote Labour because she couldn’t trust Ed Milliband. Spouting yet more media garbage. One person doth not run the country, he is but a face. The nominal head for a cabinet that should be making decisions on our behalf.
If the blue brigade get in they will have been given the right to unpick our country like a frayed cardigan. I would never presume to tell anybody how to vote, we’ve all mostly made our minds up anyway. The media are in a frenzy of sound bites and uncontrolled nonsense, as long as greed has got his foot in the door propping it open with his well heeled brogues, the truth will not be heard. Scotland taking over!!! Ms NS being the witch of the Highlands!! The whole thing is nonsense.
Democracy is about electing a representative that will do our bidding. May we all bid for the best, however poor we are, whatever colour we are, however old we are. Let us stand together instead of allowing the haves to abuse the have nots.
As HSBC prepare to go to Hong Kong because they don’t like the new rules, let us wave goodbye to greedy, grubby bankers, and pave the way for a decent society that builds houses for everybody not the few, values schools for all the kids, opens up shops , closes down superstores and revives a country thats struggling to breathe. If only a few can inhale the oxygen what of the rest of us?
2015 and my father would be turning in his grave if he could see the mean mindedness of so many of our politicians. Take away the invisible boundaries and we are all living on the same planet.
Or am I wrong?

4 thoughts on “The all Clear”

  1. NO YOU ARE NOT JENI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally agree with all that you wrote.
    Lets not let down those that fought so hard for the NHS back in the forties.
    Love June

  2. I’m with you Jeni, I shall be proudly voting Labour, with all their faults they are our last hope.

  3. No, you are not wrong, you are so right. My Dad, too, would be disbelieving but probably not surprised. He was a Socialist idealist but he wasn’t stupid. No I don’t believe Labour will make much difference but I will vote for them, with whatever hope I have left. Well said Jeni.

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