Moon Gazing

Three and a half weeks of madness.
From Radio Sussex to house guests from filming promos to voice overs.
I have been staying in the moment so much I can’t remember what has happened before or after.
The ‘oosbind is setting off in a week to go and give of his best in Leeds. In a West Yorkshire Playhouse production of ‘The Crucible’. I’m doing that counting down the days daftness.
I’m dreading him leaving but it only takes a few days and then I’m into the silence of the ‘hams’.
As I write Solly is sniffing round the attic. Trying to get into a closed cupboard. The bed has been made up by the dawter in preparation for the Jew Do next Saturday.

All dates have changed as I’m filming in September and Jim’s away until end of October when I’ll be filming again on the East Coast of America for the second leg of The Wine Trail with Olly. We’re throwing the do for as many as can get here. The once a year reminder that we are not alone in the universe.
The hot weather has made me lazy. I spend time in the garden away from the computer, which is lovely, but I have neglected all my disclplines, including this blog.
I’m devastated by the turmoil in the world, rocking between watching the news and avoiding it. Tonight’s Super Moon has added to my madness.
This coming week is organising food for Saturday, but mostly getting back into my routine. I miss my yoga and meditation my walking and writing.
The garden is soggy from the Bertha barrage, although the beans, carrots, onions and beetroot withstood Bertha’s battering.
The zippy uppy greenhouses are full of basil, rocket and tomatoes. The smell has me reeling back to my mothers garden.
At 2.18 I need to sleep but I’m winding down with this blog.
Finally getting back into my seat.
I’ve started the advanced driving test work. Need to check my speed discipline, my left hand passenger mirror and my hand break button. It seems I’m wearing out my ratchett. Well you do don’t you at my age. Otherwise nothing to report till the end of this month.
The rubber plant is turning towards the sun and the banana plant has thrown out loads of new leaves. My mother-in-laws-tongue is getting too big for its pot whilst the succulent that belonged to my mother is shiny and – well succulent.
The days are spinning past. Watching the Monbretia come and go. Dead heading roses, picking blackberries, I’ve made a tiny dish of jam. Most of the potatoes have been dug up and eaten by Gods Gift. And I’ve bought a new juicer so that I can make apple juice with the basket load of apples that are about to ripen.
19 Fridays until Christmas and then I’ll be one year older, as will we all.
Given the Gazan situation I spend every day reminding myself just how incredibly lucky I am to be alive, with a roof over my head, a healthy family and a future.
When compassion dies and brutality rules we all lose out. Taking sides is futile, demanding peace is all any of us can do. I’m exhausted by the ignorance of men who hold the world to ransom. I’m suffocated by their evil carnage.
One simple podding of a fresh pea reminds me that, like those little green peas, we are all one in the same pod. I will not give up on humanity although these last few weeks have been testing.
I know I’m not alone in what I feel.
May you all have a peaceful night and may the Super Moon shine and weave joy into your dreams.

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