Any comment that includes a LINK will go to junk. I have been getting so many cheap advertisers from China etc. using my website, its been a nightmare. My lovely web-man has worked his magic hopefully he has put a stop to it..
So please feel free to blog, as normal but don’t include any links

5 thoughts on “No LINKS PLEASE”

  1. I will be tuned into Radio London while you sit in for Vanessa tomorrow morning. Shame you missed two shows due to the storm.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Just listening to you standing in for Vanessa this morning, and it is great to have you back!! you have been much missed, and Sunday mornings are just not the same, hope you can sit in more often or even better come back for good! xx

  3. Well done Jeni, fantastic show! You’re a pro! Absolutely lovely to hear your cheery voice once again on the airwaves.
    Bless u dear.

  4. Drat, me too – will try to catch up before the podcasts disappear. I’d vowed not to listen to Radio London after your show was cut other than to your cover for VF but will take the opportunity of the 3 missed shows. Just wish they could be downloaded. Look forward to blog when you’re back

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