looming swansong

My last show looms.
How kind many of you are for sending me supportive messages.
How unkind some of you have been. Doesn’t help to be attacked. of course I feel vulnerable, and yes your nasty comments do pierce my elephant hide. Maybe thats what you want?
I’m down but not for long.
My father – who’s birthday it is today he would have been 93 – always said that circumstances make your decisions for you. I’ll wait and see what the Universe chucks at me eh?
I hope you tune in to my last show on sunday 15th.

7 thoughts on “looming swansong”

  1. Oh Jeni
    Sunday I always do my housework listening to you, I carry the radio from room to room, plugging and unplugging you. It’s like having a real friend following me around the house with a duster in their hand helping me.
    Shame on them!
    I like what your Dad use to say, it’s so true.
    One door closes Jeni and another one opens, always. Do let us know what that door reveals please.
    As for the nasty comments, empty lives!
    Best wishes and love

  2. So sad to hear this news. You were brillient on your show, what went wrong? – Take no notice of those that are unkind, it’s not worth it. You have many followers – and we will keep with you. Take Care. Be listening as always on the 15th.

  3. Onwards and upwards you won’t be down for long someone will snap you up. Will be listening and recording Sundays show for John. By us you will be very much missed. Be bigger than the nasties ignore them.
    See you Sunday much love xxhugxx

  4. Jeni darling, there are so many of us out here who are with you all the way, wherever you go and whatever you do: so bugger the rest of them!
    Love Pauline

  5. darling, your bloggers will support you always, haters will hate, you can’t stop them, only feel sorry for them.
    We all love you, and know you will bounce back, remember “I get knocked down but I get up again”
    Much love Marmite xxxx

  6. Jeni
    Listened to your last show today, and I am really going to miss you, it has been fun. Please IGNORE the nasty comments and remember the positive ones only. Sunday mornings will not be the same, and I wish you well, in whatever you do. No idea who is replacing you, cannot help but think the BBC has made a big mistake in letting you go. keep your chin up, you are great and don`t let anyone tell you different. wishing you loads of luck for the future.

  7. Jeni!! I was shocked to hear your departure from BBC London 94.9. I will miss listening to you! Your timing on humour was on cue and you have the talent of balancing humour and serious conversation, whether on BBC London 94.9 or even on BBC Kent hen you sat in for Julia! I listened to BBC Kent just to hear you…
    Hope to hear you on BBC London 94.9 very soon! xx

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