Heat Wave

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Before we had the heat-wave I was walking ‘vigorously’ round the houses. The light was moody and so was I.
Jim started rehearsing and all of a sudden the smell of summer was in the air.
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I walked and walked, found the dog roses,IMG_0647.jpg
now they are everywhere in the hedgerows, and this beautiful Simmental cow, peeping out from behind the mic lead.
Since the sun arrived I haven’t taken any pics just been in the garden reading and reading and reading. My writing partner has been away so I’ve been catching up on all sorts.
I have decided to banish coffee from my diet for a bit. I love it but it is about as much use to my digestive system as a Brillo pad.
Went to see BRACKEN MOOR last night, at the Tricycle. An old fashioned melodrama with a twist. I jumped out of my skin at the end. Go to support them if you can it’s a great night.
Jim is staying in Beckenham with friends, I joined him yesterday. Walking from the station at midnight, with the air as warm as the Canaries and I felt like I was on holiday.
Funny when you get to my age, it’s all about feathering the nest for the next few years. Meetings with financial advisors, about money we don’t have. Meetings with accountants, about money he wished we had. Meetings with investors to try and find the money to move forward with ideas and projects.
It all seems a bit daft acting like I’m 24. Full of ideas and promises. But as my old man would say it’s whatever gets you through the night.
Today Marcus the plumber came and fixed the toilet seat which is now closing with a gentle shish. Fixing the tap which was moving east to west every time it was turned on and fixing the shower. He took photos of it as we need a new cartridge. Who knew showers had cartridges, in my day its what we used to play a long playing record with.
The windows are open, the plants are watered and the alarms set for tomorrow morning. Always the same should I drive or should I train. I never know until I get in the car. If I feel up to it I’ll drive with the roof down, otherwise its a 24 min train ride to London Bridge and then a walk down a very empty Bond Street……
The air feels still, it has a weight, a gentle bouncy ball of an evening. All pink skies and sparkling water.
I may go out and swing in the swing set for a bit. Read by candlelight and then go to bed. Or I may just plonk down with Gods Gift in front of the box and catch up on the programme that’s just finished. Hey Ho decisions, decisions.
I’ve just killed my fifth midge, time to turn in, so it’s night night from me and night night from her…..

2 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

  1. Oh, what a lovely cow ! and the one peeping through the ferns isn’t bad either !
    Enjoyed the show today.

  2. Jeni
    I loved Bernie, more please!
    And I loved what he said about our armed forces. I think he said something so simple but so special when he said, “Look after the people who look after us”. Politicians are you LISTENING?
    Lovely, lovely man.
    You were rather lovely too Jeni.
    Love June

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