God bless the Child

Interesting deeeebate. See if the powers that be valued creativity then we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Thems that know say when culture gets marginalised, and takes a battering then Society is on a hiding to nothing. ‘Scroungers’ are few. Responsible people are many. In fact the majority of us have paid our dues. … Read more

Hobby Horse

Well Poppy Reed, what an interesting concept that a parent needs to guide a child away from her her chosen profession and into a career. So being a musician is not a career then Poppy, or is a career for just the some? Where would we be without career musicians like Dame Evelyn Glennie, who … Read more

Misty clouds and thunderstorms

7.15 and it feels like midnight in Tibet. The sky is heavy, the thunder a rumbling over the fields and misty clouds are settling on the tree tops.
It’s been one of them days. I listened to Russel Brand yesterday on Desert Island Discs and re-fell in love with the man.
This morning I listened to Maria Freidman on Radio 4. She played her 2 inheritance tracks. The one that was left to her and the one she would pass onto her family. For the love of Mike I cant remember her first track but the second song was ‘BESS YOU IS MY WOMAN’, I lay in my big bed, the clouds assembling and cried and cried and cried.
She talked about LOVE, after all that is all there is in the end.
She talked about the song the shape of it, the depth of it the feel of it.
I love that woman.

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Cambridge Circus

I’ve polished my table so now it has a good shine and my room smells of carnauba wax, beeswax and essential oils.
I’ve thrown away loads of paper and detritus that has accumulated, I’m ready for work. For the last two weeks I have been writing in the garden, consequently I have very bronzed shoulders and a lot of catching up to do.
The Cambridge baby has been an interesting diversion. Most of the TV stations are repeating themselves endlessly with oleaginous superlatives not to mention sycophantic blather whilst throwing cliches at us like squashed tomatoes in a side street at a Spanish Festival.
Good that Kate and Wills and the baby are fine, but what could possibly bring somebody out onto the streets from Hackney to stand around and cheer a newborn, with a plastic flag and a straw hat costing more than a KFC bargain bucket and why do the reporters think I’m the least bit interested in listening to that said Hacknoid talking drivel that Kay Burley and the likes of her, have made them learn……
I wonder why the wait though?
I’m guessing Kate didn’t just pop him out.
Or maybe they had to Caesar him out.
Or suck him out, or even use the forceps.
I can’t imagine Kate needs to stay in for the rest as she’ll have half of Bucklebury, half of Buck House not to mention half the Norland nannies nipping out of the woodwork for her.
I spent ten days in my maternity unit. The daughter was treated like Beyonce’s baba Ivy, whilst Gods Gift made doors for the attic and I slept a bit, cried a bit, fed a lot and mused on what the chuffin’ hell I had just landed myself into.
26 years down the line I’ve just come to terms with the responsibility…..

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Heat Wave

Before we had the heat-wave I was walking ‘vigorously’ round the houses. The light was moody and so was I. Jim started rehearsing and all of a sudden the smell of summer was in the air. I walked and walked, found the dog roses, now they are everywhere in the hedgerows, and this beautiful Simmental … Read more

july 14th 2013

Tomorrow show is on my mind. I need to know your worst restaurant experiences and the ONE film that makes you emotional. A look from The Titanic? A scene from the wizard of Oz. Dirty dancing. Come on talk to me. 0207 224 2000 on BBC LONDON 94.9 tomorrow Sunday 9-12.

That was the weeks that was

I have been in and out of the sun. Television on all the time with Wimbledon balls being whacked out over the sitting room rug. The dawter BB.James, was feautured on Radio 1, and Gods Gift started rehearsing last week. He’s now staying with friends in Beckenham, a leafy green suburb in South London, and … Read more