10 days that shook the world

From Devon to Wiltshire, from Wiltshire to Bristol to home.
It’s 5.20 in the morning of Wednesday 19th of June. I spent yesterday in the garden, this morning was going outside to enjoy the fruits of my labour and do me exercises to the dawn chorus, but the Heavens have just opened and the rain is teeeeeeeming down.
I wonder why Heaven has a capital ‘H’….
Devon was full of Totnes, talking into the wee small hours with ancient friends, then a spot of Chinese tea sipping with fresh, misshapen English strawberries. Delicious.
Wiltshire was our near-as-damn-it sons seven-year-old daughters birthday party with Champagne, Thai soup in mugs and freshly baked bread with the hardest of crusts. Delicious.
Bristol was a horrid Thai meal made better by the dawter and her friend, then a gig in ‘The Golden Lion’ where the girl sung and her best mate entertained with angry lyrics and the best Ian Duryesque vibe since 1977.
In-between times I have walked and wondered, weeded and enjoyed our grandaughters 7th anniversary.
Seven years of a little life made me think that suddenly my age seems to matter. Enough to keep me awake with ‘What ifs’ and ‘if only’s’ and ‘it’s only a matter of time’ type thoughts
The three daughters bought Jim and I a garden ornament for our 25th wedding anniversary.
We had eaten in ‘Yo Sushi’ – an experience definitely not to be repeated – after which we piled back to the middle daughter’s house in Brighton.
Cake and 7 candles were devoured, well not the candles but the chocolate cake went down in one – then Jim and I tore open a massive box to reveal ‘Philomena’ an angel with water features.
We named her after Jim’s mother.
Yesterday in the light grey afternoon Jim plugged her up. We filled her with water, surrounded her with three terra-cotta pots of herbs and off she went a tinkling. When Jim dismantled the ladder he had inadvertently plugged Philomena up through the rungs. 45 minutes later the wires had been re-tweeked and the ladder put back against the shed. When the sun shines through her wings she looks positively ethereal.
Today Jim and B are writing in the studio, I’m writing in the attic then preparing supper. I’ve taken to using the Tagine. All steamy coconut milky vegetables and quinoa.
Give me a beak I had a food show for nearly 9 years…..

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  1. Just a thank you for introducung me to the ‘5 rites’
    I have been practising them since you posted the instructions. (I looked them up on you tube to get the visuals)
    I am at the 5 repetition stage so far and feeling more flexible already.
    Thanks again..

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