Big up the Beech

So I had the call yesterday to ask whether I was free to sit in for somebody at Radio Kent.
True nobody texted, emailed or messaged me so I should have known better.
Still I went to bed, without even writing up my journal, and fell asleep by about eleven. Kept waking up but I did sleep enough to emerge at 6.45 a.m. with a crease in my face worthy of a Kenyan warrior.
Jumped into the little red car and arrived bang on 7.30.
On the way in I did have the thought that I wasn’t needed but hey….
Parked the car in the underground car-park. Walked up 28 steps, round the block and rung the bell for BBC Radio Kent. had to ring it twice…. my instinct had been correct I wasn’t needed.
Apologies all round. so I went home and did my Tibetan Five on the sitting room carpet. No garden today the tree surgeons have been in to take the top off the Eucalyptus tree and annoy the neighbours.
I drove off to the Roman Road. The sun not hot hot, but warm enough to leave my cardigan in the car. I rulked the tracks, and was really pleased to arrive back at the gate only I had two tracks left. That’s music not well trodden paths.
So I decided to go down an unknown hill. Two and half hours later, sweat dripping, heart pumping, I found my way out of the Ashdown Forest. My sense of direction is as good as a broken sat-nav. My right arm is burnt from the hot sun and my feet stiff. But I did manage to fit in a Pee Radcliffe, hidden between some Gorse a rock and a hard place so all was not lost.
Arrived home and set up office in the front garden. Had to pull out lots of weedy weeds first though to make way for the deck chair.
Have researched all day, and now that the lawn doesn’t look like Hurricane Barnett and the buzz saws have stopped and the cheque been written, I can go downstairs and resume normal activity.
I did meditate in the garden and I have had 4 litres of greens, which is why I had to do a Radcliffe on my treck.
Given my insane schedule I haven’t posted a little treat.
This is my loyal friend. My very own tree down the avenue.
And this is my Mac lipstick where my tree gets a kiss everytime I walk past it.
So for all you tree huggers out there Big Up the Beech.

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  1. Please can you tell us about the Tibetan 5 ?
    What does it involve and what are the benefits please?

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