Carcass on….

The bloomin trains have been useless on the last two Sundays. I’ve had to drive in. Consequently by the time I’ve done a three hour show and driven back 50 odd miles – and I do mean odd – I’m cream crackered.
I’ve taken to lying on my back, my legs in the armchair, my arms splayed out mid way through a Jim sentence I’m usually away with the fairies.
This week I had four fab female guests.
DAVINA MACKAIL. She did my papers, we talked all sorts as well as Feng Shui, she’s an ex nurse but now spends time clearing peoples houses, traumas and going up into the mountains of Peru to talk with peruvian Shamans. I love her. Check out her website.
KATHY LETTE cycled in to talk about her book THE BOY WHO FELL TO EARTH and to discuss the mother/teenage daughter relationship. She makes me laugh, but she is so much more than her sassy wisecracks. I love her. Check out her new book.
KEREN SMEDLEY, agony aunt and author of a self help coaching book for life after 50+, was on the end of the line for my listeners, as well as imparting sage like wisdom about living, not giving up, and changing things if they don’t suit. I loved her. Check out her website.
Then I had the impeccable CHARLIE DORE and JULIAN LITTMAN, singing songs from her latest album CHEAPSKATE LULLABYS. Julia’s guitar and her voice were haunting. It is a delicious album, really good to cook to. Check out her new CD.

By the time I got home the sun was out. The dawter was preparing a Sunday roast for us, so Jim and I went across the road for a walk in the orchard. The apple trees were bursting their buds, the smell of pink apple blossom tinged the air.
Round the bend the grass was full of blue bugle, bluebells, and blue speedwell.
I forgot my camera.
Over the style and there was some cheeky cherry blossom. Down the hill and the wild garlic is now flowering. Huge pompoms of white flowers, the white against the bluebells which were now throwing out their scent even the old git could smell ’em, looked ravisihing in the afternoon sun.
Buttercup yellow, fields of nettles, and then into the cool dark tunnel of old trees with gnarled roots.
I intended to walk there today and take some pics but in the end I opted for a rulk round the back road in the rain.
Shopped for bits, made a stirfry, made a bed, made a mess and then settled down to work.
They’ll be more work tonight, but all being well the weather will have brightened up tomorrow and I’ll nip down the orchard.
The old man is at the garden centre buying more grass seed. The Frog is on his way from Dartford, the dawter is laid up in bed with a horrible head cold, I’m about to make chicken soup with the girls left over carcass from the sunday lunch.
I’ve never used a carcass before. Be interesting to see whether it has any taste at all….
I’m told this is a powerful week to begin projects, complete projects and project projects…Good luck with yours and fingers crossed for mine.
I’m of now to Carcasson – sorry put the carcass on….

2 thoughts on “Carcass on….”

  1. Oh I am so pleased you are blogging regularly again, I really need my daily fix !! take the camera next time lol xxhugxx

  2. I’m still around Jeni!
    Chicken soup is best with chicken wings but it can also be done with at least 2 carcasses but it wouldn’t be as concentrated. I wonder how yours turned out.
    You’re really getting technical, posting pics on your blog! Lets see more of you and the Cottage!
    Lovely to listen to you each Sunday morning – your refreshing voice is a perfect remedy for Sunday morning blues!! Keep it up.

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