Join me from 9-12 on BBC LONDON 94.9 for our MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL.
Author and psychotherapist LUCY BERESFORD will be trawling the papers and handing out her wonderful wisdom.
I want you to call 0207 224 2000 or text 81333 (starting with the word London) and give out your Mothers Day messages.
Whether she is alive or not, what message would you like to send out over the airwaves?
The fabulous, award winning entertainer/actor/raconteur LESLIE JORDAN will be be WILL & GRACING us with his presence. His latest show – FRUIT FLY is as camp as a row of tents – LESLIE asks the gritty question; Do Gay Men Turn Into Their Mothers?
I’d love yo hear your thoughts on whether Gay men do turn into their mothers.
We complete our Mothering Sunday show with HELEN HOBSON star of MAMMA MIA.
She’ll sing, she’ll talk and she’ll remind us why MAMMA MIA is one of the most popular shows in town.
How many times have you seen mamma Mia, my dear friend Annie has seen it 18 times – WHY? Can you beat that?
TALK TO ME on 0207 224 2000.

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