Easter Sunday

I have written all my thank you letters, thank you. My birthday was simply lovely. Brighton lunch, and flowers all over the kitchen. This morning I am a week older than last Sunday. Being 64 is really rather good. My gift to myself is that I really don’t give a toss now. About what you … Read more

When I’m 64

I was shamed into writing this by the delicious Jamie kelsey Fry, who graced my show this morning.
Megan and Louise wrote a book about teenagers, and equipped themselves so well as did my last guest Robbie Hance, who sung himself on and off the X factor. He came into the BBC London studio with his new manager, mother of three who had never done anything of the like in her life. Her heart led him to the man without a home .
She and two others have given him a dream to hold onto.
We were lucky enough to be part of his journey. I wish him every bit of luck that is coming his way.
It was a wonderful way to spend a birthday morning.
I decided to drive in, the snow blobbing down with the arrogance of the untouchable. It doesn’t matter how much the cold and chill is whistling around the hard times there ain’t nothing I can do about it so I wrapped up in a very old blue and yellow anorak, wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on two pairs of socks and whizzed past Sevenoaks.
Nibbled on peanuts I had in my pocket. I felt like a blue tit.
The radio – without Aled Jones – is dull. So I station hopped and ended up with a Bach Cantata that made my hairs stand on end.
The divine Miss Esther drove the show like a demon. I had a bowl of porridge. You take the lift to -1 and enter the world of the BBC canteen. The smell of baked beans wafts up the ramp as BBC staff sit round tables noshing toast and talking scart plugs,

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St. Patricks Day

What a show we have for you on St. Patricks Day. Great music and the sharp as you like Amanda Ramsay, from Labour Uncut who is my paper reviewer. Anna and Andrew Wallas ‘have written a book entitled Call off the Search’ . It is incredibly wise and insightful. Together they have dissected their relationship. … Read more

Beduin Blues

The snow has melted on the tree tops but its still a crunchy walk to the studio. Yesterday couldn’t get into town for the theatre as all the trains were frozen to the tracks. Today I was meant to be going to see LESLIE JORDAN at the Leicester Square Theatre but our driveway is treacherous … Read more


Join me from 9-12 on BBC LONDON 94.9 for our MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL. Author and psychotherapist LUCY BERESFORD will be trawling the papers and handing out her wonderful wisdom. I want you to call 0207 224 2000 or text 81333 (starting with the word London) and give out your Mothers Day messages. MESSAGES FOR YOUR … Read more

please share. watch wiv muvver 8

Dear friends and neighbours Here we are with #Potty Politics. Miss de Mina talks dirty. She would be most grateful if you could spread her around a bit please. Do feel free to watch the uvver 7 watch wiv muvvers. Make Miss de Mina’s day.