I haven’t even the energy to write my journals. After 35 years I’m finding it tricky to find the time. Meditating is eluding me and the little broken toe has made exercise almost impossible. The space clearing exercise was so profound that the charity shops and book emporiums of Tunbridge Wells have benefited hugely. Today … Read more

Autumn Greens.

A pair of green socks and a big green woolly sweater to cover my modesty. Th cottage is very quiet, although there is a hiss from the boiler as it heats up the radiators. It is chilly. A sharp, October cold. Gods Gift is playing golf in Seaford, and I’m in the middle of writing. … Read more

Time and Tide…..

Where is it going? I can’t remember September and October has already been and done ten days of itself. My little broken toe is ailing. I keep walking int0 wardrobes and chair legs. I keep howling with pain and yelping with rage. I put it down to grieving but I’m not sure just how long … Read more