Lost and found

I’m drinking brandy, Jim is playing Steely Dan, and my tears have stopped for now.
My sincerest thank you’s for your commiserations.
My mother is having s humanist funeral. Jim has spent two days making a slide show of my mothers life. I’ve cried lot.
This evening I lost her ring and my wedding rings. My mouth went dry with anxiety. After two hours of searching the cottage, we gave up, Jim and I went to the studio to return boxes of my mother diaries.
He shone his torch on the shelf behind my desk and there were my three rings.
I cried a lot.
Now I’m allowing the tears to fall.
My mother had a life full of emotional trauma. I know she has found peace.
To L, I thank you for your concern, but my mother made the funeral arrangements herself and that is what we have honoured.
I am a wreck, but I’m good. I’m told grief will creep up on me in the most inappropriate moments, like now…..
Have a good night everybody.

5 thoughts on “Lost and found”

  1. Dear Jeni Barnett,
    I am so sorry to read of your Mums passing.
    Over the last few years, you have been an exciting and inspirational addition to my world, having loved listening to you on LBC and reading your wonderful blogs.
    I would like to thank your Mum for bringing you into this world and for enlightening so many people, most of me and my wife.
    My heart and thoughts are with you, your family and your mum,
    God bless,
    Joe Borowski from sunny south London

  2. Darling Jenny, I am feeling so much for you right now. My beautiful mum died on the 17th of July and like your beloved Mum, she died alone with none of her large loving family by her side.
    Nothing anyone can say to us will heal our hearts, but I do believe that in time our pain will lessen and allow all of our healing memories to ease the pain.
    Thinking of you x x x

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