Home from NY

New York was sunny.
And when I have slept off the jet lag I’ll tell you about weddings and oysters, libraries and dragons.
Right now I cant keep my eyes opezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5 thoughts on “Home from NY”

  1. Dear Jeni, welcome home 🙂 All sounds fabulous and I’m looking forward to details. Happy New Chinese Year of the Dragon 🙂
    P.S. I am going to see Masterclass this evening 🙂
    Much love
    Frank. xxx

  2. Dear Jeni. welcome back from The Big Apple, I had no idea you had been over the other side of the Pond!
    I have just come back from Los Angeles where ive been staying with cousin Victor at his Malibu Home and it was so wonderful nice and warm and now im home is freezing isnt it Brrr i went down to Long Beach and Del Mar and the San Diego Zoo was marvelous. Several lovely dinners with friends at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica near where my old apartment was when i lived in Santa Monica.
    I had the most awful Christmas though before i flew out as Gordon my other half became ill just before Christmas with bad internal bleeding and Peeing Blood as well. Poor chap . he was in Kingston hospital till new years eve and he was so ill and lost a great amount of weight (wouldent eat etc.) but now Thank God he is better and we went straight to Malibu for him to rest and recuperate somewhere warm at beginning of January so thats why we chose Malibu as it was nice and Quiet and we just saw Victors neighbours and they fussed over Gordon (Nice to be fussed over by Hollywood Superstars isnt it!) Ha ha! Gordon deserved it after the agony in the hospital.I went to the hospital each day when he was there and spent 5 hiurs a day there and when i came home i just watched DVDs or read as i diddent feel Chrismassy at all and diddent want to be reminded of christmas on the TV Programmes. I must belatedly wish Jeni and Her Family a HAPPY NEW YEAR! also Lyndy And Rhianon and the other regular Bloggers! take Care of yourselves and God Bless from Terry xxx

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