The First Thursday in January.

The ending of the spending is in sight.
I bought myself a big red page-a-day diary.
I bought myself some purple nail varnish.
I bought myself some cinnamon capsules.
In the middle of which my phone went and I got an update on my mother.
She is okay. My mind says different but it’s easier to go with the experts
I was bought lunch by the dear Ms Stewrat, who also paid for me to weigh myself on the scales in Boots. My BMI was sufficient for me to buy myself an expensive box of herby things that everybody is raving about in Hollywood.
If they work I’ll give you the run down.
I’ve made a cabbage soup, steamed some fish and made a salad with yellow peppers to bring bit of sunshine to the table..
It’s time to sit with Gods Gift who spent five hours trying to get across the windy Dartford Bridge.
We are going to watch a film and put the phone on silent. Why not it’s nearly February already……

3 thoughts on “The First Thursday in January.”

  1. Hello Lovely Lady
    Just wanted to wish you, Jim, BB and all the wonderful blogger framily a Happy and healthy 2012.
    Much love Marmite xx

  2. Red is happening, I guess, with the lunar apogee opposing saturn from Aries.
    I was in the West End today and saw a guy photoing the street-sign of Red Place with his mobile. I asked why and he said he was picturing it for his son whose name is Red.
    And Madonna appears reddish for the UK premiere of W.E..
    Now a Turkish court is sueing Sarah Ferguson who was born when the moon was in Aries. Sarah is Libra – the sign of Saturn’s current position. Saturn is the planet of customs and authority. The moon is associated with the feminine.
    Sarah has red hair. Red hair is associated with the orbit of Mars.

  3. Love your bloggs …..I know the area and your written descriptions are spot on. If we don’t hear from you before the 18th …… enjoy your trip with the daughter to New York.

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