The Brady Bunch

I don’t know whether I’m Carmen or Cohen as the Jewish nun said.
Backwards and forwards, some sleep, no sleep, more sleep less.
Roses are red violets are blue I’m of two minds and so am I.
I don’t know whether I’m here or there although I have learnt about the Jubilee line, London Bridge Station and the condition of my cardio vascular fitness which is merde.
Running for trains, up and down stairs, eating too many apples off the tree. doing Vanessa, meeting helpful women, trying to fit in screenings of brilliant films, all of which I have missed, has been my last few days.

This morning Diana Leppard did my newspapers, she is part of CHARLIE WAITE’S LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION AND BOOK , the photographic project is hanging in the National Theatre. The photos are superb and the book smells lovely all shiny and new.
Then I had ANGEL ADOREE on, with THE VINTAGE TEA PARTY BOOK. She came in looking scrubbed and beautiful with Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC and red hair all done in a forties fashion.
She brought in a box of six cakes with my name in soft icing on top with a little heart and three fingerfull scoops of butter cream. I gave one to Sarah the engineer ( thats a cake not a scoop of finger food) – Sarah makes cakes too and is a fabulous woman – one to my producer Sarah Ryan – equally fabbo woman -ate two cakes in four bites and gave the other two to B and her friend.
I felt sick but it was a small price to pay.
Then I talked to JOANNA GOSLING with her WONDERWOMAN book which I fully expected to guilt me out. In the end Jo was so lovely and her book genuinely useful. The cover looks like brown paper and has pictures and tips that will make you as wonderful as the authoress.
Then WAYNE BRADY. Do me a favour and look him up – if I were thirty years younger and he were over here I would be over there for as long as was necessary so I could procreate several more Brady’s and then I would ask God’s Gift to help me bring them up. I do have some sense of loyalty.
Brady is an adorable lovely man as is his improvisational partner Johnathan Mangum. They are performing at The Leicester Square theatre this Wednesday I’m going with my near-as-damn-it-son and the old git, if I don’t laugh I will eat his baseball cap.
Got home heavy with cake , stopped off for a cold bacon sandwich, bag of crisps and bottle of orange, rolled into the cottage played the piano and fell asleep over Tchaikovsky – he didn’t mind but the ‘oosbind did.
Now its ‘Strictly’ results, ‘X Factor’ results ‘Downton Abbey’ which is a result. Me in the chair, him on the floor my feet in his hands, his life in mine.
No supper, can’t face anything yet I’m too caked out.
Was it worth it?
Damn right it was worth it.
You never look a giftcake in the mouth EVER….
Thank you all for your support, everyone of you. Thank you.

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