Happy New Year.

The apples on my trees are so big that the branches are almost touching the ground. God Forbid you hit your head on a Bramley you could be taken out for days.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, to my Jewish Framily.
Happy Vernal Equinox to my green gang.
This is the first year for years that we haven’t had a JOODOOO. But the changes in everybody’s lives has scuppered our plans.
It’s a shame given the glorious wether
Two of the mob are in Thailand.
One of the mob is in retreat.
One of the mob is in Sarajevo.
Two of the mob got married.
One of the mob got a seriously good acting job.
One of the mob is ill.
Three of the mob are growing up too fast.
And I have been too ‘boxed’ in to arrange anything.
And so it goes…getting everybody together this year has been impossible.
I may replace the JooDoo with an Octoberfest. We’ll see what happens when I try and round every body up.
I have finally completed the unpacking. The studio still looks like an auction lot. But everything has a place.
I’ve spent all day in the garden, reading and falling asleep in the sun.
Battersea seems like a lifetime away, I miss the mist of the river but the mist over the fields and a cow mooing during the afternoon makes up for it.
Thank you for all your messages I’ll be on top form SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year.”

  1. Hi Jeni
    It must be a glorious time to be in Sussex at the moment,wonderful sun/mists/cobwebs/apples/leaves turning and everything else that goes with early autumn. So enjoy it all Jeni, breathe it all in, you don’t get that in London! You get a different sort of autumn in London, just as lovely but different.
    I’m glad you’re resting, time to be thankful for what you have and let go of the things you don’t have.
    I’ve been doing just that! Truly appreciating just how lucky I am to be:
    1. Alive.
    2. To have freedom.
    3. Reasonably healthy for my age.
    4. To be a woman living in the West with all the freedom that goes with that.
    5. Have healthy adult children.
    How fortunate am I?
    Oh and lets not forget this glorious weather.
    So you and I Jeni and all the other lovely bloggers lets be thankful and enjoy the sun.
    Best love darling girl

  2. Hey Jeni. Glad to hear you are settling in ok. I have been up and down the A21 to my parents a lot lately, I helped them with their 50th anniversary party last week.
    Perfect weather with perfect guests. Absolutely pooped by the end of it….
    I love it in East Sussex, bloomin gorgeous!! Enjoy the sunshine. Lots of love. Hear you sunday. TD Nick xx

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